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  1. I bet you have never seen The Stone House looking this good. If you have a good picture of the Town Hall, treasure it. We now have an oil rig growing around the back of it. Transport seems to be changing too.
  2. See todays post by Dunsbyowl re Filemaking in Sheffield. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/i...;#entry25093.Re the wharf next to the Fitzalan Works near Washford Bridge.Also see Sheffield History map 67.
  3. Under the heading Making Files in Sheffield ,posted today by Dunsbyowl, read about The FitzalanWorks.It states that there was a wharf on the canal where shipping was done with Hull. I have a map of Sheffield dated 1849 showing that the Fitzalan Works were east of Washford Bridge next to the Blast Lane towpath. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/i...amp;#entry25093
  4. Sheffield Websites-Book that you can download from Google
  5. Dont know what it was whenit was built but it used to be The Old Number Twelve Public House--AKA The Double Six.
  6. Gramps, Mentioned in The History of Ecclesfield Parish this week on another thread. 256 pages--Hard work!!
  7. Gramps, Look at this map! I am spot on where I ORIGINALLY said the Blyth Wheel was in 1740. Just southeast of of Carfield Lane where I have been finding the grindstones.
  8. Just as Carr Wood joins Lees Hall Wood there is a cottage called Rose Cottage ,from the 1800,s.In front of it is a large bend in the brook which may have been a mill pond. Just after that there seems to have been either allotments or houses next to the brook. There is also a high piece of wall which may have been a race.This is the stretch where I have found the grindstones.
  9. Two for the older generation-Jimmy Jewell and Ben Warris -Comic Duo
  10. Anyone come across this stone? Any Clues? The stone is bricked into the Footprint Works
  11. Gramps, I am really interested in this subject, living next door to the Meersbrook. Any information would be helpfull.I can see where the dam possibly was . Also , in the woods there are some stones which look as though they were some sort of building/?. I have also collected lots of grinding wheels from the brook.The wheel was possibly at the bottom of Cat Lane.
  12. My uncle was a french polisher.As a lad I used to go and get red lead from Stokes which was next to The Bull And Mouth . It was always wrapped in a brown paper parcel.I also had to buy a pint of turpentine and a pint of garnett. Havent a clue what it was all about!!! My dad and he used to have a couple of second hand shops, one on Shorham Street and the other on Attercliffe Common ,next to The Gate Inn.At the age of five my dad used to leave me in charge of the shop on Shorham Street. If anyone wanted to buy anything I had to make up my own price. We had a windup record player on which I used to play lots of 78,s, usually Gracie Fields or The Flight of The Bumblebee.
  13. Nice Photo SteveHB but I would check the number plates of those cars.Seems to be a few of the same. lol
  14. Looks slightly like The New Inn on Bernard St but I didnt know that the trams went down there.Also The pub must have been extended.
  15. The bottle is perfect but without a stopper. I also have a Watt and Ferguson Bottle,Montrose Works, Rotherham dated 1913.This has got a stopper but the handle is broke. On the bottle is printed"This bottle is the property of Watt & Ferguson.Anyone detaining it is liable to be Prosecute". I am hiding under the bed waiting for The Bow Street Runners to come calling.
  16. The one on Broad Lane. Unfortunately not working.
  17. For the last twenty years I have been collecting mill/grinding stones from Cat Lane Woods. Someone else in the area has been doing the same but they have now moved house and taken the stones with them .I know of a couple more stones that are still there but can only be seen in a dry summer. Anyone any idea why so many grind stones are in the Meersbrook?
  18. Richard, I just happen to be taking photos of pubs in Sheffield for this site so in future I will get the current licencees name and add them to my photo,s. Only another 250 to go.
  19. One of the things that has happened as I get older is that I look around me at buildings which I have bypassed before without really looking at them properly. .Many is the time that I have stood outside The Brown Bear on Norfolk Street and never noticed this engraving before . The writing is over a door opposite the pub.Anyone know anything about it or Jeffie Bainbridge?