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  1. Hi

    After reading about its very busy and renowned past on the Kelham Island website, i would love a picture of the River Don Engine, in-situ in either Cammells Grimesthorpe works, or the River Don works. With it still attached the the plate rolling mill. I have tried Picture Sheffield, but nothing.

    Would love to see it pre restoration, covered in filth and grime churning out tonne after tonne of armour plate, and with some of the men who worked it.

    For some reason my love of Sheffield history has recently taken a turn in the direction of the Steel industry (i think it might have something to do with living at Wincobank, driving around meadowhall dayley and down Carlisle street etc).



    Danny, If you go to Kelham Island they show a film of the engine as it was, working at River Don. I worked there from 69 to 73 in Production Control. I used to skive off to watch the mill every now and then. It didn,t always run because of lack of orders . Chobham armour plating was made there for tanks. Birch trees were slung onto the plate every few turns to remove the plate crust as it cooled. A fantastic sight.!!

  2. I know this could be a bit of a long shot but by the time I heard of the old Corn Exchange it had been bombed and was derelict. I know that the National Market Traders Federation were based in there .

    But who else? anyone know.

    The Duke of Norfolk had offices there as I used to go with my dad to pay the ground rent. I can remember having to walk on duckboards on scaffolding aroud the inside edges as the centre of the building was missing .

  3. Thanks everybody, I knew this was the place to come! I got the address from some information Dean sent me about Seaton Hall Bedford who was killed in the 1st WW, and it gave this as his address.

    Went this morning at 8 30. The site is now all new flats although The Knoll is still there. I would have taken a photo but there were too many trees.

  4. Spent lots of happy hours in that pub in the late 70s - but can't remember the name of it ! :blink: [Must be the nightcap taking effect]

    Was taken to Banners a few times in the 50s for my school uniform - cheaper than the CoOp and Coles. The escalator I think was a wooden one rather than steel as the modern ones are.

    It was The Sportsman, 504 Attercliffe Rd.Page three of Pubs of Sheffield in the Gallery .Now known as M&J,s Kareoke Bar.

    Unfortunately I dont know how to form a link to the photo.

    Link The Sportsman,

  5. There are only three places mentioned in Piece number 1334/6, Folio number 42a.

    Mount Pleasant, Bassitt, and Ringinglowe.

    Three families at Bassitt. the Buxtons, the Staleys and the Higginbottoms.

    Two families at Mount Pleasnt, - the Andrews and the Heages.

    On the 1850s map there is a property called Bassett off Fulwood lane. I can't see a Mount Pleasant but there is an un-named property not far from Basset at the junction of Andrew lane and Fulwood lane. Then no further houses until the Ringinlow toll house.

    Photos of Mount Pleasant are in my albums in the Gallery.

  6. Following is a short extract from 'The Illustrated Guide to Sheffield and the Surrounding District' by Pawson and Brailsford 1879:

    "The Norfolk Baths are situated in Bramall-lane. The large swimming bath measures 75 feet by 39 feet."

    Anyone any ideas as to where the baths were located on Bramall Lane?

    The baths were located between Clough Rd and John St ,where the garage is now.

  7. The Edmund Road Drill Hall was also the home of the annual "Sheffield Ideal Homes Exhibition" in the '50s and early '60s.

    Anyone remember the Guinness clock that used to stand outside? It was animated every quarter hour.I can remember the toucan that sat on top of a pint of Guinness.I would love to see a photo of this clock.

  8. The wall by Brightside Wier is topped by crozzle as it says here! (Off the information board!)

    An explanation is given here.I have been meaning to post these photo,s for ages .

    Taken on Doncaster Street ,off Shalesmoor.

  9. If my memory serves me right, there was access to a seperate Market Hall off Shude Hill and if you walked through you ended up in the main "Rag and Tag". This was mainly greengrocers and plant/garden supplies. My dad used to by all his garden plants from here.

    I seem to remember Ogleys ,lots of chickens.cats, dogs and plants through here. I have seen this on a Joe Scarborough painting. If I remember where I may accidentally take a photo.