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  1. Duke of Norfolk's Nursery garden/Nursery Street
  2. Assembly House/Norfolk Street/Bowling Green Lane (now Arundel Street)
  3. Townhead/Blind Lane/Balm Green/Barkers Pool
  4. See map and further details in other maps Area
  5. Hartshead/Campo Lane/Paradise Row
  6. Fairbanks 16/17 Whiteley Wood Green
  7. Not a criticism at all ,Richard. I just do not know how to edit your posts . The book that I have is only edited excerps from some of the Fairbanks books so you may be a bit disappointed but i will post all the maps anyway.
  8. The attached Fairbanks map from 1759 seems to show that some of the dates for public houses in the list need amending.
  9. Fairbanks Plan of Barkers Pool.From a Book By T.Walter Hall-Printed by J.W.Northend-1932
  10. 148 Burngreave Road I lived here with my parents from 1954 to 1969. We had the garden that all our schoolfriends liked to come and play in. We had a holly bush at the top of the garden which made a brilliant den. At the very top of the garden was our field on which we used to pitch a bell tent. It was quite scary sleeping in it at night as the cemetary was just over the wall. During the late fifties we kept chickens for eggs and also to sell to the West Indian community. In the next field was the 205 St Catherines Scout hut which I helped to build.
  11. The Old Harrow has had a makeover and is now open.
  12. I originally went onto this site looking for the map of bombs that had dropped in the vicinity of Meersbrook. I have recently found these photo,s of the top of Lismore Road. A photo from last year for comparison. Must have been an affluent area. Dont the ladies look smart.
  13. this map was in Ancient Order of Foresters, High Court, 1903-Guide to Sheffield. This is an advert for the Fleur de Lys Hotel , 66 Fargate. From Sheffield History map and the Sheffield Picture ,the hotel would have been where Dean and Dawson is on this photocopy from the 60,s.Sorry don,t know where it came except my daughter copied it at school in the sixties. Please re post where you see fit.
  14. Has anyone got a photo of the bus depot or even the Yorkshire Electricity depot which it later became?
  15. Photos of Norfolk Bridge Station taken last year
  16. Sheffield Tram Depot-Albert Road-1878 Walkley and Hillsborough District Baths (Rawson Spring Pub)-1926