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  1. Howzabout "the secret museum " off Ecclesall Road,on to the Botanical Gardens,then down to Fagins, past the Hendo,s factory. and Jessops Hospital.Quite a lot of history there. The museum is only open on certain weekends. Ive never been there so I will be going there this year anyway.
  2. If its in a pub then I,ll be there.
  3. I used to live on Sheaf Gardens near the bottom of Granville Road in the early fifties. For some reason, the railway horses came along our road instead of Queens Road to get to the goods yard on Queens Road. We used to run out with a bucket and shovel whenever they came past. We had some lovely roses.
  4. It is above the Tramway pub and opposite The Old Crown Pub. It definitely has a sloping roof like a cinema.My life seems to centre around pubs so I might make a visit and ask if any of the locals know what it is.
  5. This is a photo of a building on London Road which has the look of a cinema as it has a sloping roof , front to back . Any ideas on its name
  6. Another one bites the dust. The Cannon in town is soon to be turned into a One Arm Bandit Parlour. Anyone remember the downstairs bar there in the late Sixties? Luckily ,the Hen and Chicks opposite has now reopened.
  7. Brilliant film. Location is Abbeydale Rd. We used to sit in that tram stop eating ice cream after playing and paddling in Millhouses Park.
  8. I worked in The Brown Cow 20 years ago when Phyllis and Trevor Edgerton had it. The Wicker was a brilliant ,boozers paradise in those days.
  9. Ceth, Sheffield Indexers is a good site to try. http://sheff-indexers.thewholeshebang.org/LinksIndex.html
  10. Also, as an aside, The Grey Horse Public House was on Salmon Pastures.and the small chip shop mentioned in an earlier post was most probably The Washford Public House which became a chip shop after closing down as a pub .Been in both of them.
  11. Matthew Street off Shalesmoor Allen Street off Shalesmoor Slitting Mill LANE next to Oakes Green off Attercliffe Rd Edward Street is not far from the top of St Phillips Rd
  12. Stanley Street crosses Johnson Street
  13. The Costcutter on London Road has the look of a cinema. Is this The Landsdowne? I have a photo but dont know how to upload it.