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  1. The article doesn't seem to say why ?

    Ann Flynne ,the landlady of The Dog and Partridge owns The Grapes. She wanted to buy The Dog but was priced out. Because of this she is now moving all the effects from The Dog, lock stock and barrel into the Grapes and turning it into an Irish pub.

    Fidelma Candon, who is the manager of The Three Tuns,will also be managing The Dog as well.She will be running it as a real ale pub with modern Irish and British folk music.

  2. Back in the 70's 80's I spent many happy hours drinking

    in pubs on the Wicker and the surrounding area.

    There are a selection of photos on picturesheffield that

    are labled as 'Brown Cow, 68 Wicker'

    I'm not doubting the first one (t00260)

    as it obviously is the Brown Cow, Wicker.

    Link to t00260 Brown Cow

    But the other photos (12 in all) appear to me to be of another

    public house near to the Wicker and not the Brown Cow.

    Can any of our members help confirm that non of the picturesheffield links below

    are taken inside or around the named PH?














    The old grey matter must be failing, Steve. Some of the photos are of The Brown Cow but others are of The Alex.

    I will have to have an expedition to see.

  3. That's brilliant. In fact in view of their previous attitude a bit too good to be true! <_<

    I'll wait with interest for the detail!


    Seems to work.

  4. New Market Hotel

    20 Broad Street & 1 Sheaf Street, S2

    Open 1825

    Closed 1972

    Span 147



    1833 Thomas Crossland (71 Broad Street, Park, Beerhouse)

    1845 Thomas Kilham

    1846 Thomas Kilham (New Hay Market)

    1849 Thomas Kilham

    1851 Thomas Kilham

    1852 Thomas Kilham

    1854 Thomas Kilham

    1856 Thomas Kilham

    1862 William Humprey

    1871 George Mottram

    1881 H Brookfield

    1901 Samuel D Webster

    1905 Samuel D Webster

    1911 Samuel D Webster

    1925 Lachlan Macmillan 1

    948 Lachlan Macmillan

    1951 Archibald Goodall

    Link to <a href="http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=s22047" target="_blank"><!--coloro:#0000FF--><span style="color:#0000FF"><!--/coloro-->picturesheffield<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></a>

  5. Great stuff, Thank you.

    Built 1853 pushes it back a bit also.

    Could be a 50th Anniversary maybe ?

    The rest of the postcards are from somewhere between 1901 and 1911 so possibly could be 50th anniversary.

  6. On the strength of the excellent display in Castle Market I saw this weekend I will look forward to seeing the following display in Cambridge Street.

    Thanks again jimbo55, I have really enjoyed going to look at the exhibition.

    On the back of the exhibition we have been loaned an album of postcards of Sheffield which will be appearing on facebook over the next few months.Some very good old photos of pubs are to be on it, some of which I cannot find in your records.When I have found more details I will post .

  7. I can't find if this has been discussed before.

    Coal Pit Lane, now Cambridge Street. Presumably it was called Coal Pit Lane for a reason (although the 1771 Fairbanks plan gives the alternative Cow Pit Lane).

    So, where was the coal pit?

    I used to have a copy of Kellys 1839 which I lent out and never got back. It said there was a coal mine at the top of West Street. Normally you can tell where a pit used to be because of an open area of land but I cannot think of one on West Street.

  8. Jeremy and Myself have constructed a Google Interactive Map for the OS Maps, this can be found in post #1 of the main map topic


    As with any embedded map there are 2 ways to use it

    1. Within the post, just click on the zoom and drag the map as you wish

    2. Click on the "View larger map" link this will open up a new window.

    In either case click on the square you require this opens a box with a link.

    Be patient with this map as there is a lot of data and can be slow to up date.

    Lastly both myself and Jeremy are only human and there could be errors, let us know by PM 1st before you post criticism :)

    Brilliant! I have had a little play with your int.map and it seems to work perfectly.Well done and thanks,Jeremy and Stuart 0742.

  9. I was just driving down Carlisle Street towards home and as i glanced up Harleston Street i noticed that the Crown looked open as the boards had been removed from the windows.

    As i used to call in for the odd pint i thought i would do so again and as i drove nearer i noticed they have had a new sign put on.

    Unfortunately it is no longer a public house and is now a builders office. the most striking thing tho is that it looks as though they are restoring the building to its former glory, new signs all round which say The Crown with small print underneath stating the builders offices and also new frosted windows saying smoke and tap, with a the opening times board stating the new occupiers telephone number and contact details.

    It looks as though some money has been spent to make it look like a decent pub,

    Question: How many old pubs that have turned to offices try to keep the traditional theme pub look??

    i can think of only one more.

    There are quite a few pubs actually.

    The Athol in town.

    The Durham Ox,The Viaduct in The Wicker. The Station in the Wicker, The Griffin in Ecclesfield,The White Bear in Ecclesfield,The Bulls Head, Dunfields, The White Hart Worksop Road, The BlueBell, Worksop Road to name but a few.