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  1. How about one in the shape of a large barrel of beer.
  2. I have 3 spectrums,laptop with Windows 7,laptop with Vista, computer with 2000,computer with 97, computer with ME, 2 computers with XP and computer with 3.5.
  3. Very expensive way of getting lots of the information that is already on this site but maybe the closing dates are of interest. Register-of-Beerhouse-Keepers--Word--1-08-MB-.doc
  4. One at the bottom of East Bank Rd , diagonally opposite the casino.
  5. I used to get in free as I worked at The Heartbeat .
  6. 36 Trippett Lane is The Cubana Bar. Will have to look into this more.
  7. Sorry, thats all Ive got, Its a scan of a photocopy. Also someone has drawn in the position of some of the roads where they are now.
  8. Dont know whether this map is already on the site but cannot see it. A bit of stitching work for Steve .
  9. Ann Flynne ,the landlady of The Dog and Partridge owns The Grapes. She wanted to buy The Dog but was priced out. Because of this she is now moving all the effects from The Dog, lock stock and barrel into the Grapes and turning it into an Irish pub. Fidelma Candon, who is the manager of The Three Tuns,will also be managing The Dog as well.She will be running it as a real ale pub with modern Irish and British folk music.
  10. The old grey matter must be failing, Steve. Some of the photos are of The Brown Cow but others are of The Alex. I will have to have an expedition to see.
  11. http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/opendata/viewer/ Seems to work.
  12. Ordnance Survey is now free. http://news.bbc.co.u...ogy/8597779.stm
  13. Is anyone doing anything about sorting these problems out? Cannot now navigate the pub pages.I am trying to post more pictures but cannot find anything. Why was the site changed?