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  1. We used to go to Fannys quite often, I can remember seeing Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy in there, and my mate Keith ripping his trousers open trying to climb through the Mens toilet window to avoid paying
  2. Pics of the Casbah toilets, I was a bit drunk and it felt like a good idea at the time - 2008
  3. I think they are from the 50`s. My Dad told me that a coal lorry was parked up the road outside the now Honda garage and its handbrake failed and it hit one of the large 60ft telegraph poles down and it conviniently fell between two cars damaging neither !!. I have got some other Woodseats Motors related pictures of a motor show that they did up at the Arnold Palmer driving range with lots of 70`s Renaults Oh and if you would like to see an original of the Woodseats motors picture there is one of them hung up in Nick Clulees garage on Heely Green in reception.He used to work for Woodseats motors at the bottom of Scarsdale.
  4. Woodseats Motors at the bottom of Cobnar road,my Dad was manager for many years and they used to sell Renaults and later on Mazdas.They also had a workshop at the bottom of Scarsdale rd that is now a fireplace shop,and also a plot where KFC is now
  5. Did you ever end up converting "Speech Day" to DVD ??

    Rich Newall.