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  1. Question when did they stop putting these on buses , did the first atlanteans have them memory is fading
  2. If I remember rightly the hire ins you mention were early 70s. It included Huddersfield CVGs, Edinborough PDs, Doncaster PDs
  3. The use of these wedges went on till quit late, The first Sheffield atanteans had them , when midland road at Rotherham was opened it included a drive a bus opurtunity and I had a drive of one of Sheffield atlanteans that had the notice regarding scotchs in the cab I have a photograph of the notice somewhere
  4. Millhouses shed as been demolished it is a pile of red brick. How ironic that the building as lasted longer than Timsley. MPD This thread is dedicated to all former engine men from Millhouses especially Trevor Lomas - still missing you mate
  5. There appears to be some confusion regarding my correspondance with Peter regarding my shot of the unregistered bendi bus. The photo was taken in herringtborpe valley park at the ROTHERHAM rally it was NOT taken at the syts rally there were two seperate events. The rotherham event was part of rotherham show, indeed the event is still art of Rotherham show. Hope this clears it up
  6. It should be remembered that Supertram was NOT responsible for the removal of the hole in the road despite what various intrested parties put about, the hole in the road (Castle Sq)was filled in for one reason and one reason alone: due to the increase in lorry weights and the predicted increase in weights to come the department of transport (NOT Sheffield City Council) had issued guidelines on such structures. In order to comply it would have been impossible to have the wide subways and keep it open to the publice, indeed towards the end of its life there were props inserted in the middle of the walk ways. So therefoe it would have gone any way Supetram or not
  7. Its not a handrail its a tree deflector, its to try and reduce the number of windows broke due to trees hitting them
  8. One company not mentioned is Edge Hopper which operated a service using a hired in Ford Transit / Mellor absed on the shiregreen hotel it was operated by a ex SYT inspector the service was meant to offer a link between other services It ran on the 6th & 7th September 1988 indeed it was withdrawn during the afternoon, to my knowledge there is only one photo that exists of this service and it isnt mine I was due to photo it on the 8th Sep
  9. Have you tried sheffield transport models on London Road ?
  10. Whos nicked the trams in the wicker then ? Was it YOU A good simulation
  11. Just a reminder that the peak bus rally will be held next sunday 17th June at Rowsley - easy access if you are using public transport - remember the vintage bus service runs from both bakewell and matlock from around noon to the site . Plus services to chatsworth and darley dale There are normal services before this time http://www.chesterfield123.org.uk
  12. I think ill do birmingham but ill sneak off and ignore the races there should still be some GW steam about on stuff from west country and lots of birmingham ct buses and midland red buses. please dont tell my mother as I would be 22 months old at the time
  13. The last time we went to mablethorpe on holiday I went by train ! i would have bene bout 6
  14. I agree with everthing that as been said I seem to rememebr around 8pm on a friday night u would see a line up of cars waiting to go on to it . Think there could have been other destinations
  15. On way back from sandtoft we showed out respect 30566 we noticed that the hard shoulder where the incident occured is a differant colour as its been resurfaced