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  1. Sounds about right. One spear to hold the meat. The other legs for turning and supporting the meat. Possibly for a very large joint. iMO.
  2. I do. My mum bought me a bottle green mac from there when I was 11 and about to go to the City Grammar. It was about 3 sizes too big and long. Made me look fat. She obviously thought I would grow into it. I never saw anyone else in one like it. How I got away with it at school with Miss Coles beady eye, I don't know.
  3. Is it a fire watchtower from WW2. Don't know where though but could be Herries Rd.
  4. Thought it was the Cutlers Hall. Been to Christmas do's there in the past. Have also been to a Titanic exhibition in Las Vegas where they had a mock up of the Grand staircase and it did look the same.
  5. My Grans uncle Joseph Benson was born in a cottage in Norton. He was an Alderman and Sheffield Lord Mayor for a few years but died about 1925. I have seen a newspaper photo of similar cottages, stating that this is where he was born, could be the same ones, but taken from the other end of the cottages. Looking at the link to the photo of the cottages from the other end, they are the same cottages on Little Norton Lane where Joseph Benson was born. He came from a poor family and taught himself to read and write, worked in a builders yard as a child but went on to become Lord Mayor.
  6. I am looking for baptims from 1901 to 1905. Aere there any as late as this on this site please?
  7. Personally I have always found the archives staff very helpful over the past 20 years. Even if you have no idea where to start, they will explain the basics to you. They occasionally run classes for beginners so it is worth giving them a call. The other advantage of going there is that other researchers will always help answer any queries you may have and point you in the right direction. I always found the researchers a friendly helpful group, who got to know each other as friends, sharing their information and knowledge, gained over many years. All the local information you might want is in Sheffield archives. Give it a go. You can also access the Internet i.e. Ancestry for free but you still need to know the basics even if you buy a family history programme. You need to have information to be able to input it.
  8. I believe that the houses on Swan St, Attercliffe were back to back, behind the Pavilion picture house but no longer there.
  9. I believe that the houses on Swan St, Attercliffe were back to back, behind the Pavilion picture house but no longer there.
  10. I suggest that you try it yourself by going to Sheffield Archives on Shoreham St. Check their website for opening times. They will help you in your research but you need to have a few basics like family names rough dates, addresses etc. In fact anything you have on your family, starting from the present and working back. It helps if you have slightly unusual surnames in the family but not a necessity. A very worthwhile hobby but made a lot more enjoyable and exciting when you have done your own research.
  11. I thought it was Norfolk Park. My husband thinks it's near the Alms houses, so near to the Cholera gardens as Hugh said.
  12. My Mum worked as a crane driver at Hadfields during the war until a friend who also worked on the cranes, fell to her death. She decided that she'd had enough of that and had me instead. I have often wondered if there were any photos of the ladies who worked at Hadfields in the war years as quite often photos are shown on TV and in publications from other steel works. Thanks Carol
  13. cant find an item that I read yesterday aboout Sheffield castle

  14. I was also fooled by this and have just run two scans but nothing showing up as regards viruses.Pity the sicko has nothing better to do.