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  1. i watched the progam on bbc2 last nite . wot did every 1 make of it ??? i hope im wrong but to me it didnt seem very well planned out especially the bit about the train station shudnt they of researched that before splashing out millions of pounds . and startin work evan tho they didnt have the money to finish it . i think they will end up bein demolished unfortunately sheffield without park hill flats wud be strange .
  2. cheers for that rosie .cant beleive the happy clappers left it in a reyt mess haha
  3. does any1 know what year roxys closed and whats the building been used for since i know its now the carlin academy
  4. so is everthing comin down then evan sainsbuys and debenhams and all up that way ????????????/
  5. does anyone know when the refurbishment will be finished? and when it will be openin up as a live music venue?
  6. is there any pics of it , it was the last thing to go from the old estate .its student flats now
  7. the rock hard ex pro boxer wouldnt have been mick mills by any chance would it ?????????
  8. He also had very little luck in and out of the ring apparently married badly, got divorced which cost him a lot of money then he was only 1 round away from winning a world title and got knocked out with seconds left on the clock also he was in an era before sky television took off and there wasnt as much money floating around as there is today in terms of talent he was much better than naseem hamed but naz was luckier and a better showman
  9. herol grahm is from nottingham but came to sheffield as a teenager after winning 2 national titles and was taken under the wing of great boxing coach brenden ingle. he was like poetry in motion what a fighter he was
  10. i live on the new estate were the old flats once stood i wouldnt mind seeing what it looked like when the flats were there there doesnt seem to be many photos floating around of the old place
  11. haha i never thought that 1st one posted never mind
  12. im only 22 but my dad told me about roxys night club he said anyone could get in and you were garenteed to pull evan if you were the ugliest bloke walking the face of the earth haha. ive watched the utube footage and it looks brilliant much better than nite clubs these days. i wonder what it looks like inside nowadays if you went in would it be like going back in time 20 years ibet it would be a bit weird with it all disused and quiet
  13. im only22 but my dad told me about roxys night club he said anyone could get in and if you couldnt pull a bird in there you wernt trying haha.I also watched the utube footage from the hitman and her and it looked brilliant. I dont think night clubs today are as good as back then. i wonder what it looks like inside imagine walking around it now i bet it would be really weird walking around with it all empty and disused it might be like going back in time 20 years haha