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  1. Rowlinson did go mixed when it changed to comprehensive (well, a year later to be precise, the 1969 intake was all boys. By 1970, the school had become much bigger and the intake was mixed and about 13 forms). The sixth form was mixed even when it was boys only. I think Ianb is talking about an earlier time - the school was originally mixed, then went single sex when one of the girls schools opened. There is a old rowlies website, but it's been "new site coming" for quite a long time now (older material is still available). Also a couple of friends reunited pages (rowlinson and rowlinson technical)
  2. If that's the block I think it is, then it was Davy Computing in the seventies.
  3. In which case I am very much mistaken that I'd been in trains that used it! Wishful thinking.
  4. When did the burrowing junction stop being used? I used to catch the TPO from birmingham on a friday night in the late 70s, and thought I remembered going under the dive under then to get to platform 1.
  5. A third Sheffield branch was on Pinstone St, just up fromm Suggs I was told that Williams on Chesterfield Road also supplied returns for the chart.
  6. Curtiss Records - top of the moor Rediffusion Near Atkinsons Department stores had record sections too: Pauldens (Debenhams) Boots Woolworths
  7. Top right "Proposed New Railway" - anyone know what that was?
  8. No, it was a proper supermarket. No - Though I'm a Who fan - (City hall, January 1981), to my shame I've never heard "Sell out"
  9. ... on Matilda St. One of those forgotten names that niggles. A small place, opposite the side entrance to Woolworths and later to become House of Holland. When? - late 60's early 70's, and there was a bus stop outside, so prior to being blocked off by the Arundel Way works (I think the buses used to come all the way up Matilda st from Sidney Street) Claim to fame - they sold nibb-its!
  10. Back to the original thread topic ... Caught up with the last episode of the 70s programme, and Sheffield schools were re-visited. Some more corridor shots of Rowlinson, a classroom shot of a maths lesson (with Mr Kearley teaching), then, over some commentary about the radical left wing leanings, a shot of a teacher I didn't recognize, plus one of a young Kate Smith - later to become Liberal councillor Kate Dawson, so not *that* left wing then! Because of the way the editors mixed up clips willy-nilly, there are also some shots of kids on a bus, then getting off at a school which is not Rowlinson. Now, I do have the programme saved to disk if someone can direct me to a useful "trimming" tool for linux.
  11. You'd think our local archives contact would have told us :)
  12. Have these recently appeared in Picture Sheffield, because I don't recall seeing them before in all the numerous threads (waits to be corrected ...) s27871 () s27872 ()