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  1. What about the B&C Co-op at Firth Park, now the City Library.
  2. Hi Granny, I'm sorry I never heard of that nickname, mine was Barney for obvious reasons. I have just had a look at the Rowlinson year book for 1962 and I must admit that the only names that I could remember from there were Gomersall and "Spodge" Butler. I have been in contact with Roger Bingham who did a stint in the Army and is now living in France. He joined up with Johnnie Waller, where he is now, I have no idea. Let us keep this topic going and see how many ex-pupils we can "resurrect".
  3. No mention of Firth Park Methodist on the corner of Stubbin Lane and Sicey Avenue?
  4. Hi Dave, I'm all for it but it seems strange that there is a dearth of Rowlinson Old Boys. I can't raise anyone on Facebook either so they must have disappeared into the undergrowth. Maybe Peter and I are the only survivors of some demonic Labour plan to not only get rid of the schools but also the pupils?
  5. Hi Peter, You were at Rowlinson a bit earlier than me. I was there from '58 until '63. A crying shame that the school closed. Can anyone give a reason for it? Mind you, I suppose ifthey can close a school with a heritage lik Firth Park Grammar, who cares about a lowly Technical school?
  6. Hi Peter, It would be nice to know your surname to see if I can "put a face" to the name. I must admit that the years at Rowlinson weren't particularly happy as I used to live in Firth Park and in winter when the tram track points froze or the buses were late I was in the trouble seats, Also at that time, the fields were found to have glass all over, so they were resurfacing them with top soil all the time I was there. It was still a good school and I think I had a good education as I haven't done too badly in my life..
  7. The first time I went to Hillsborough was to watch Wednesday against Roma in the Inter Cities Fairs. Can't remember the date or the score but from that time on, I was a Wednesday supporter and still will be to my dying day.
  8. I went to the Wednesday, Man United game in 1968. I was on the Kop right behind the goal and Nobby Stiles scored the last goal for Wednesday. He was KISSED by Wednesday players. He must have spent ages washing his face. Great game.
  9. Hi Steve, Downham Road was parallel to Horninglow, where I lived and I can't remember if the name changed at Tideswell Road to Ribble Way. All I do know is that they took away the best Play Ground ever in the Fifties to build those Police houses and the Station. To knock them down after only fifty years, they must have been Jerry Built.
  10. Is there still a Police Station on Downham Road on the Brushes Estate?
  11. Hi Emo, I left in '63. The bane of my life was "Spike" Godfrey, a real son of doubtful parentage. I remember Mr Brennan as the Geography Master, a good teacher. Fred Rowley, I liked because he introduced me to classical Music when he took our Form to the City Hall for a Halle Orchestra Concert. Brilliant. The best teacher by far was "Yak", at last he made Maths understandable and in my case, that was a miracle! Which House were you in? I was in Osborn. Hope to hear from you.
  12. Thanks for the info but I wasn't on the History Site at that time. What I am interested in is getting into contact with any OB's that may be around just to "chew the fat".
  13. Thanks for the info, it was shown bfore I became a member of Sheffield History. I really wanted to know of any old boys that went there as I seemed t have a very sheltered schooling. The very year that I started at Rowlinson it changed to a boys only. Also, they started renovations to the Sports Field and yes you guessed it, they finished on my last year. Made Soccer a bit difficult but Jordanthorpe helped out. I would really like to contact old Rowlinson puplis and re-live the "experience".
  14. Didn't anyone ever go to that school? I was there in the late Fifties early Sixties and it was a really good school. Can't imagine why I have never seen it mentioned under the schools topic..
  15. Firth Park Comprehensive? It just doesn't roll off the tongue like Firth Park Grammar.