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  1. wow thank you so much this might be the turning point to my brick wall.
  2. I have Rose Gripton & Stanley Green's marriage certificate they married 8.8.1918 in Sheffield Registry Office his father was George Green a Steel Fettler. but George was deceased on the certificate. I have tried to find the witness at the wedding there name was Albert & May Friskney just hoping they may have been related but no such luck. Thank you for looking and your advice this has been my brick wall for ages.
  3. Thank you Bayleaf the first link is the Rubens Head Hotel which my g. Granddad owned Mr Herbert Gripton the only thing that puzzles me I keep finding different house numbers for this on my nans birth cert it says 43-45, in Kellys Directory it gives the number as 37-39, then on the 1911 census its 45-47 which is the right one ? I know they were well off but it hasn't filtered down my way unfortunately .
  4. Thank you for your reply I have just tried this with not luck I tried parish records but found him at the same address as my G.Grandfather Herbert Gripton at 44 Townhead Street in the directories. I will keep trying thank you anyway.
  5. My Grandfather Stanley Green born 1896 lived at 44 Townhead Street (boarding house) and had a Coal Merchants office at 47 Campo Lane in 1918 - 1929 as listed in Kelly's Directory when he stopped trading as he divorced my Gran (Rose Gripton) seems to have disappeared. I can find no army records form him, no Divorce records and no birth certificate. Has anyone got any suggestions as where to look. Please any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.
  6. Just before Christmas I achieved a wish my Dad asked me to do before he died and that was to visit the places where he was born. It was just a coincidence I had to go to Sheffield for my son to have an interview for Uni so took this opportunity to look around. Firstly I was very impressed with the scene that greets you from the rail station very impressive the water features look great even on a wet rainy day. I come from a new town of Milton Keynes, on comparing these two stations Sheffield was 100% better. the other thing that was overwhelming was how friendly and helpful the people of Sheffield are. We took a tram ride to the Cathedral which was closed that day due to works being carried out which was disappointing until the Rev. offered to take me in the side for a private viewing of what was going on inside the beautiful building, and show my son and I the crypt. I was over whelmed at his kindness. I then walked down Campo Lane where my father and Grandparents Herbert & Hannah Gripton had the Rubens Head Hotel(Beerhouse)at no.s 45-47. Rose there daughter ran a Grocery shop and shirt making at no 63 Campo Lane. Then in 1918 she married to Stanley Green they ran a Coal Merchants from no. 47 and 44 Townhead street together with a lodging house. We later that evening took a walk about the main City Centre, where we saw the Crucible, Town Hall the winter garden and much more. The view from the 9th floor of our hotel were terrific we could see the football stadium my Dad was Sheffield Wednesday fan Our over all view of Sheffield is its very friendly well designed with lovely water features and lighting. the mix of old and new are well integrated. Looking at our Town(City) it could learn a lot from Sheffield. I cannot wait to visit again. Well done Sheffield and thank you for making my visit and fulfilling my Dads wish such a pleasure and a wonderful memory.
  7. Please can you help which school would a child attend if they lived in Campo Lane & Townhead Street in 1928 onwards please, as I am researching my Dads history.
  8. 1894 - 1905 Herbert Gripton also run coal merchant business from there. (my G.grandparents)
  9. this is my g. grandfather Herbert born 1872 Gnosall Staff. married Charlotte H. Thomas in 1894 two children Rose 1895- 1955 & Herbert 1900-1900 Rose married Stanley Green (coal Merchant) in 1918 sheffield devorced two children Freda E. Green (cheese packer)1922-1949 & Herbert Green (Electrical Engineer)1924 - my dad
  10. I have been researching my family for the last 3 years, My G.Grandfather Herbert Gripton his wife was Charlotte ran the Rubens Head at 45 Campo Lane they had a daughter Rose who married a Stanley Green in 1918, Coal Merchant they lived at 44 Townhead Street which I belived was owned by the Griptons and was used as a lodging house. Herbert Gripton also ran a Coal merchants which Stanley ran in partnership from 44 Townhead street and a office at 57 Campo Lane which was still in operatiion intill 1929? The Green family also ran a veg/sweet shop in campo lane until Stanley and Rose parted. Has any one heard of the Green's or Gripton's or have any information that may help me. Stanley's father was George Green. I can find no birth or death certificate for Stanley only marriage.
  11. I would like to see a picture of 44 town head street in 1918. where my nan lived & my dad was born.
  12. The Rubens was also called the Crown & Cushion (white's 1852) the 1901 got a few names wrong. Racheal should have been Rose my nan Clare should have been Charlotte Hannah(Thomas) m,y Gt. Gran There was another Hertbert Gripton born 1900 died 2 months old my uncle so there is 3 generations of Herberts in my family. my brother is Robert so he had a lucky escape. cindy.
  13. Further information I have Stanley & Rose lived at 44 Townhead Street, Lodging House. Stanley's Coal office was 57 Campo Lane in 1919 I have a photo with this written on the back. They also lived at the Reubens Head Inn at 45 Campo Lane. does any of this info help.? cindy
  14. My Father is Herbert Green born in 1924 -(sheffield) unfortunately my dad is very vauge on his father as he left when he was 3 years old. Freda E. Green was my Dads sister born in 1922 - 1949 (sheffield) Stanley Green (Coal Merchant)is his father born 1n 1896 married to Rose Gripton in 1918 - 1955 (sheffield) George Green (Steel Fettler) is Stanleys father (sheffield)? or Chesterfield. its Stanleys Birth/ Death I can find no record of which I have been looking for. any ideas.?? Would Stanley have to produce a birth certifiacte to get married? Could I get hold of devorce records? And would Stanley been sent to war? Stanley & Rose Gripton devorced she remarried in 1945 to James Alexander Bentley. and went back to Stafford. there is a long line of Herbert Griptons which I have found. Cindy
  15. Mr Dad was born 1922 @ 44 Townhead Street, his father was Stanley Green born 1896 he was a barman then coal merchant his father was George Green (steel fettler) Stanly married in 1918 @ sheefield registry office to Rose Gripton 54 Campo Lane, Stanley ran a coal merchants in 1919 from 57 Campo Lane. the business finished in around 1929 when he got devorced. I have not been able to trace a birth/death or any record of him other than his marriage certificate. Would he have been in the 1914-1918 war would there be records? ANY help would be appricated.