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  1. It was cold ! or always seemed that way to me. Used to go sometimes in the early '80s with a small group of friends from school. On occasions I plucked up the courage to jump off the highest diving board !
  2. Hmm it may well have been, it was 30 years ago and I haven't been back there since !
  3. I think my first beer was in the Waggon and Horses in Millhouses. Probably about 16. Odd thing was that the landlord knew we were underage but we kept quiet and out of the way. If I remember correctly, the management changed hands shortly before my 18th, and the first time I went in there after my 18th, we were quizzed about our age and refused a drink ! Didn't have anything at the time to prove otherwise That reminds me of the joint 18th that I had with my mate in Woodseats, cant remember the name of the pub, big place near a bend on Chesterfield road I think. Anyway my mate had told the Manager and bar staff to wind me up by not serving me - not a happy start to my 18th celebrations Seem to then remember a MASSIVE hangover the day after - never been able to touch whisky since !
  4. My uncle was the manager at DER in the 70s and 80s. Got me thinking of all the other TV / Electrical / rental shops DER Wigfalls Radio Rentals (I think) Dixons Comet Currys Anyone think of any more?
  5. Thanks Athy, I completely forgot to mention them, I lived in Bedfordshire for some years, and saw these hangars frequently - I did manage to get very close to them at one point, yes they are HUGE you don't realise quite how big they really are. You are right, one of the hangers is / was being used for a new airship venture
  6. As per title really, What were your favourite parks as a child? Memories? etc Endcliffe park I grew up in Nether edge in the '70s, we would walk as a family to Endcliffe park, the stepping stones were always fun, feeding the swans, and there was the Cafe, which last time I visited last year didn't really seem to have changed !. Bonfire night was always fun, the fair was there, a huge bonfire, and I remember there being an area where you could take and let off your own fireworks - that would never happen now! The park is pretty much no different to what I remember from 40 years ago, the childrens play area has been updated from the 'boring' old swings, slide, see-saw and climbing frame. Millhouses park We would sometimes go to Millhouses, complete with picnic for the afternoon with my parents and little brother. Trying to catch tadpoles in the boating lake using a net bought from the cafe there. Playing in the paddling pools or sometimes in the river. As I grew up I went to Abbeydale Grange School, and spent many hours in Millhouses Park, visiting the Lido with my mates and first girlfriends. There was a dodgems there over the summer which we spent lots of time on - eventually getting a summer job on them Visiting Millhouses last year the changes are dramatic, although I have to say the play are for the kids is amazing, a good call by the council. Glad the cafe and boating lake is still there. There are a few more that I would have visited but not as much, i'll leave those to anyone else to fill in the gaps!
  7. Soooooo, I decided to start looking at the oldest posts and work my way forward, looking for anything that interested me its been 10 years since this post was originally put up, and I wondered if anyone had any news / updates on any of the places listed?? As an expat I visit my old home town a couple of times a year, but never really get out to see any of the places I remember from my youth. The Wicker arches are still there, but how are they doing?? what plans if any are there for their future?? I live in Shrewsbury now, and the battle for the Flax Mill (from OP list) is still ongoing, the cost has sky rocketed, and work has only just really begun to keep it safe. It was one of, if not the first building to use an internal metal frame for support - the forerunner of most of todays modern buildings. What would be left of anywhere if it wasn't for English Heritage and Historic England!!!
  8. Never been inside, but my parents used to go there when they were courting in the '60s Glad the building is still there, even is its ANOTHER supermarket.
  9. Yup, thats them - the proper ones (I can hear the tin of worms about fishcakes being opened) Mum and Dad still get them in a breadcake from the chippy at Manor top. Bit of Hendersons on them mmmmmmmmm Cant get them where I am
  10. Where do I start with this ?? Mobiles have their place and have made so many lives easier and indeed safer. However, they are also like small petulant children in your pocket - me, me, ME, answer ME, hello, Im HERE, ME, ME, ME talk to ME If I was out in a restaurant or pub etc with friends and someone just walked up to me and ignored everyone else and started talking to me, I wouldn't be very happy, as im sure my friends wouldn't be - you just wouldn't do it. BUT the phone suddenly goes off and so many people just cant help themselves !! Kids have lost the art of conversation, and god forbid that they don't answer a text, or 'like' a comment within 30 milliseconds of it appearing. You control them, thy don't control you !
  11. Used to go to the butchers to get pigs feet and pigs tails for my nan - never tried them myself, oh and she used to cook tripe. Proper dripping, mmmmmmmmmm Sheffield fishcakes Someone has already said Parkin Meat and potato pie
  12. Bit late to add to this topic, but only just come across it. I was only chatting to my Dad the other week and said to him, 'Bardwells will have one', obviously not knowing they were now closed. In the late 70's, early 80s I got into electronics as a 10 year old. Spent most of my pocket money there buying components. There was nothing that they didn't know about anything electronic ! or so it seemed to me back then. Even though I was obviously much much younger than most of their customers, and had relatively no knowledge, they always treated me with respect and were very helpful.
  13. Dont have any photos - sorry, but I spent many hours in Just Micro, trying to decide which game on a tape for my Vic 20 or BBC Micro to buy !! Did you find any more pictures? Thanks for the memory
  14. We have a sweet shop where I live now in sunny (very much not) Shrewsbury, and it has a train running around the edge of the shop up near the ceiling. For ages I have been trying to remember where else I've seen this in my dim and distant past - IT WAS BEATTIES !!! Thanks for solving this very annoying mystery I was always in awe of some of the stuff they sold. Never went in very often, but their window displays often made me jealous.
  15. I used to skate here in the mid 80s, 2 or 3 times a week. Remember the midnight sessions on special occasions like Halloween, and the odd fancy dress night. The end opposite the cafe seemed to often have a pool of water on it as the cooling pipes had packed up! Always looked forward to the speed skating sessions towards the end of the night to let off some steam ;) Not sure why I ever tried to play any of the racing games in the corner arcade with hockey boots on Always smelled of chips and vinegar by the cafe. Good times, and kept me fit. Might just have to visit the local rink soon, especially after watching the speed skating in the Olympics......