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  1. Well that is brilliant Hugh Blackpool fits as that is where she was when Divorced from My G Grandfather Great stuff Harvey.
  2. Hi Hugh, Not sure about Fylde, what I have is That he was second Spouse of my great grandmother, Florence Maud Jeff, First husband was John Richard Nichols, She Died at 86 Townhead st 11Feb 1960, aged 64 Harry was on death cert as Harry Vincent Hargreaves of same address Retired Power House attendant I have not found their marriage or his death, or birth for that matter Harvey,
  3. No None at all I am afraid. harve
  4. I was looking for a Picture of Golden Ball,had posted under 86 Townhead Street, wouldnt have pic of other side of street by any chance as that is where 86 would have been ? Harve
  5. Looking for descendents of Harry Vincent Hargreaves Formally of 86 Townhead Street
  6. Probably Genie602 as it is his photo!!
  7. When enlarged there is a monkey visible in the window over the door, Harvey
  8. Yes but the Flats do have odd numbers, may be if some one is going that way they could look see would be most obliged, Harvey,
  9. I have old Map that shows buildings(Flats ) to be same as they are today 86 must have been opposite and most likely demolished
  10. Re golden ball. Well that is great, dont think 86 is in Flats as that is odd number side of road, problem is I can see from old maps that there dosnt appear to be any houses on even side only commercial,
  11. No thanks for that ,should be in Townhead st
  12. My Grand mother died at the above address in 1960 Florence Maud Hargreaves could any one tell me if it still stands or if not where it was also what the name of the Public house was on th corner of Townhead and Campo was called, Regards Harve