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  1. the frontof the house can still be seen inside what used to be charlie browns
  2. Mr Akroyd think his name was joe also had the wet fish shop at the bottom of the parade the other side of the fruit shop was a chemist next to that was a hair dressers , i think it belonged to bernard shaw ex united player,next to that was bowyers butchers
  3. The owners name was Gordon Levick the. garage closed late 70s
  4. it used to be a garage in the 1920/30s, cant remember what makes . in the 1960s up to about 1987 it was a motor factors called mitchell and challand,after that it was briefly a double glazing firm, then it became the forum i think please check on sheffield forum, also picture sheffield for more info
  5. the building in the background used to be mr exhaust on ellin street
  6. I went to tapton 71-76. Classes 1lL 2sh 3bw 4j 5g
  7. I seem to remember that the school fields were used as a council tip before the schools were built in 59 60the wall at the bottom of the photo is i think part of tapton farm, demolished about 1970/71.the viaduct would have been demolished on or about 1958/61.
  8. thanks to all that have posted on this topic i now need to find out more about dalton cottages . which were above and to the side of no 43 my nan lived at no 43 my familly lived at no 45 which was also classed as no1 dalton cottages at the end of the row of dalton cottages were some workshops i.e file makers ect. would love to know more this area on the maps posted it is between tapton hill road and verrnon terrace some maps call it a ruin ileft tapton hill in the late 60,s and can still remember the old workshops by this time thay had been empty for many years thanks wessie mick
  9. many thanks to you all for your time on this topic, it;s all good info one day i,ll find every thing
  10. I am trying to find out when the houses on tapton hill/vernnon terrace were built and by who if possable, not sure where to start looking hope someone on this site can help manny thanks Mick
  11. is it the towers just off sandygate road
  12. DALTON COTTAGES any info on above they were half way up tapton hill road
  13. anyone remember Eric Stead garages i think were at H/boro.
  14. Crabtree and Nicholl Wellington Street Triumph and Rover dealers closed about 79/80