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  1. Rackhams is now TJ Hughes and yes the cafe/(restuarant? If you go upmarket only) is still there Good breakfast deals
  2. The Six Five Special Pinstone Street in the 60s Downstairs from the everyday cafe Swinging off the bulkhead into the cafe for a great entrance
  3. Another Fan Where would radio be without such programmes as "I'm sorry I haven't a clue"
  4. Yorkshire Man next to Coles A good pub ruined Saturday lunch of Meat & Potato pie was a tradition for the wife & I That was before it went haywire with a silly name change Sad if it is going
  5. Port Mahon Something to do with the celebration of the British re-taking the port in Menorca
  6. Oxspring Just off the B6462 approaching Penistone from Wortley All on the ancient packhorse route system linking the villages
  7. Yes Broomhead Hall overlooking Broomhead Resevoir Near the lovely Ewden Valley
  8. Well well? My kids thought he was great in the pantomimes!
  9. Some Grenoside friends tell me that in the late 60s and into the 70s Tony Capstick was a member of the Cupola Folk Club founded by Ray Cox at The Old Red Lion pub at Grenoside (see thread in the "Pubs" section). Tony was a member of "The Wayward Boys" folk group which included Pete Garratt, Ken Atkinson, Ray Cox and one or two more. I understand they were a very talented group. Tony Capstick was a very warm person and had a special relationship with his radio listeners. He had a stage and radio communication talent that is sadly missed in this day and age. He made us laugh and knew how to get a serious point across to an audience if necessary. It is sad to sometimes remember the troubles he had but I shall always remember the laughs.
  10. On the A616 Huddersfield road from The Flouch near Langsett heading to Hepworths factory. Bleak in winter
  11. Bridgehouses Used to be on the ancient route from Rotherham/Templeborough towards the Roman Fort at Navio and then on to Buxton picking up the saltways and Roman route. The route went over Wincobank Hill, Grimesthorpe, Brunswick Road, Champs Hill (remember that name) to Bridgehouses where it forded the Don. Then through West Bar, Western Bank, Lydgate, Sandygate, Stanage and onwards. The route bypassed the Sheffield area keeping to the ridges as it was usually swampy in the valley
  12. Hollow Meadows - A57 towards Moscar The large stone building on the right now apartments Used to be a workhouse
  13. In the 80s I once worked on a "Made in Sheffield" exhibition stand in Stockholm Sweden with other companies that were promoting their goods. One of the exhibitors was the owner of William Rodgers. He was exhibiting a range of William Rodgers hunting knives which were beautifully crafted. Hunting is popular in Sweden and the Swedes were going mad for these knives. Is this company still going or has it been swallowed up in the name of progress. The chap sent my wife a set of sewing scissors (I believe his first name was Roy) she treasures them as an example of Sheffield craftmanship. Are knives like these still made in Sheffield?
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    Apparent local Champions (dates unknown) but in the 1920s era Joe Machin World Champion - Championships at Queen's Ground Barnsley Henry Mollart Grenoside Jimmy Deardon