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  1. Hi Craig, I myself is from that area and can tell you a little about Basegreen. The parliamentary Survey of 1640 mentions Basegreen. The land betwen charnock hall, where charnock school stands and white lane was called Basegreen Common. The Manor Court Rolls of Eckington (the land was the parsih of Eckington, Derbyshire) dated 1717 have an entry of a land purchased at BAYS GREEN. The School (now demolished) and the estate are built on what were the fields of Base Green. The Jaunty area of Base Green was named after Jonathan Rhodes who was a nineteenth century land and colliery owner who lived at charnock hall. He was quite a character and was widely known as Jonty or Johnty. His small colliery from 1893 was described as Johnty Lane. This has since been corrupted to Jaunty Lane. When the new estate was built the name remained and was joined by Jaunty Avenue, drive, close, crescent, mount, view, place, road and way. By the mid of 1950 all schemes in hand were going well. Basegreen estate, at first looking like a scarred battlefield owing to old pit shafts and other disused earthworks with which the site was covered, made the work very much worse by the heavy rain and created tension between the staff, builders and operations. The 300 year old Base Green farmhouse was demolished in 1952 to make way for St Peters Church for the residents. Part of the land belonging to base green farm at town end was sold by Brewster Bradley to a man called Jack Jones, who built the houses. Building stop during the war, but after sheffield city council made a compulsory purchase order around 1946/47. Brewster Bradley died in 1948 and his son carried on at the farm until work started on the Base Green housing estate in the early 50's. Hope that has given you some enlightenment of the estate. Basegreen along with Frecheville is a great up and coming area..a great place to live, best of both worlds..the counrtyside on your doorstep, town not far from the other!
  2. I saw this on the general chat forum about the Peace Gardens and about the interred residents and also saw a few pictures of some of the demolished church surrounding peoples homes, But what happened to the rest? I have read that oddments and pieces of the church is scattered around the town centre, but doesn't tell you what and where? Posted by: John Jun 25 2007, 08:10 AM QUOTE(ceegee @ Jun 25 2007, 08:56 AM) I was wondering what happened to both the organ and the mural monument when the church was demolished. I also want to know what happened to the "occupants" of the churchyard. I believe burials ceased in 1855 - were the remains re-interred and if so where? My Uncle worked on the project, I think it was just before WW2. He told me they had to stack all the headstones along the back wall, but the "residents" were just dug in as it were. This is not an uncommon practice, many graves are only leased for 25 years and if the family dont renew they just put some one else on top. Posted by: ceegee Jun 25 2007, 10:02 AM
  3. Hi, I don't know if this has been said before, but I have read somewhere that pieces of St Pauls church which was situated at the peace gardens site, ornaments and oddments from it is scattered around various parts of the city. Some of the parts were taken to a church at Arbourthorne, it even had the same name, but this church is now demolished. A house in Trap Lane has part of a frieze that belong to St Pauls and stone decorations that was part of the dome can be seen at Bents Green used as garden ornaments (not sure if they are still there?) But does anyone know where the other pieces are? Photos of any would be a added bonus!
  4. Hi, late 70's throught to late 80's. Skinheads, SKA, Suedeheads, (Remember the pub Barrow boys under commercial st bridge?), NF, Mods, Rockers, Punk, later reborn of psychedelic punk (the limit) then onto Goth (anyone remember Bauhaus?). Pond St Cafe, Woolco cafe, Smileys cafe, Wimpy. Hole in the road. Harringtons, Beatties, Redgates, Market records, bradleys records, Amazing records, Woolies. Crazy daisy's, Romeo and juliets later Cairo Jax, Steelys later Roxys, isabellas, Kikis, Limit etc.. Gaunmont, ABC, Rex etc.. Polivaults (could never spell out how to spell those shoes) cornish pasties shoes, Monkey boots, rebenas etc... Marples, Stonehouse, fountain bar, millionaires, blue bell, mulberry tavern, etc..etc..etc.. Now I am becoming very very nostalgic!! Someone shut me up Pleeeease! :blink:
  5. I knew one of the djs. Poxy Roxys or cairos? I think Roxys always won in the end, where we'd all pile in., and fight for the taxis at the end of the night! Grab a granny night on thursday or on saturdays see most of the 14yrs trying to pass for 18. Fridays was the best!
  6. SHEFFIELD It is so named because of its origins in a field on the River Sheaf that runs through the city, so why wasn't it called sheaffield?
  7. Mint sensations anyone? they had anuvver make... fruit senstations mmmm very fruity and tacky in the middle....if you please? 10p mix up? go down the moor and in the market a lady sells a lot of the old sweets loooovely!
  8. Hi Abbie? a late welcome to you! But let me ask you a question? How can you leave the god forsaken place of sheff to live so faraway? (Can I come?)
  9. HEE HEE, really I just wondered whatever happened to him? He was a really hic! jolly fellow I bet he was lost without his home.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any info of the well built tramp that always sat on the benches in the ole int road? He was always drunk (of course) But what made him set aside of the other tramps is that he always proudly carried his knife, fork and spoon hung up like fob watches inside his coat (just in case someone kindly offered him a square meal I remember talking to him and he was very funny, he thought of himself the king of sheffield tramps, reminded me of a fat fagin from oliver! Must have been in the 80's when I last saw of him.
  11. Hi Bayleaf, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. Its a shame they don't do the rag mag anymore, another sheffield uniqueness turned to ash! I remember taking turns to read the mag with my friends whom we all was under age and thought the dirty ones were best probably the students nowadays doesn't have those sense of humour anymore? or the time! What with all the paper work that goes on nowadays. I have searched around about st pauls, but all is just assuming and not the proper facts. I love the picture of st pauls, Its one of the best and one of the most surreal of sheffl! I won't be able to walk past the peace gardens without awe, imagining what the church would have looked like right there, here and now! Looking at the old pictures it looks eeriely but magical, makes me want to relive those times, but saying that all those old pictures and old buildings makes me feel like that. Also a thankyou to Draco who has also taken the time to tell me a few facts about Lizzie Ward..I certainly will be looking around for some of those anecdotes! I bet she was a lark sithee!