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  1. Saynors was reknowned for high quality horticulture knives including models with ivory handles. The origins of Saynors began in the 1860s I believe. The knife has England on the tang so made at least 1891 or thereafter. (copyright s-k 2008) :rolleyes:
  2. Two pups out of the same *****!!!! lol
  3. Thanks for looking Steve, thats narrowed it down :)
  4. Hi Steve, Thats a great tip! Been meaning to ask you if there was a way of identifying real bone, saved me the cost of an internet stamp! Checked out our collection, sure enough older knives with carbon blades have pores, one with stainless blades obviously newer has wavey lines! Best of all, the Saynor has got a finish as smooth as a babies bottom!!! he he
  5. My grandsons growing military collection, all Sheffield made, front centre is a Richards civilian copy
  6. This is a Frank Mills, Sheffield Knife, military pattern, no WD stamp, stag handles. I'm guessing pre WW1. :unsure:
  7. This just arrived today, Think the handle is ivory, possibly bone?
  8. Now then, never considered how lead shot is made. Would it be dropped in a molten state into water? If so you would need a tower, but how high? Did Mordex make the shot and the dispenser, or just the dispenser and buy the shot in? If they brought the shot in, was it already split or did they do that bit? and then fill the dispenser? If they filled the dispenser did they do it by hand or use a machine? 19 stone in fishnets and now this! Don't know about nightmares, I don't think I'll even get to sleep now! :(
  9. Good evening Richard, nice to hear from you Bennetts of Sheffield,fishing tackle supliers, 1-5 Stanley Street, established over 50 years, think its now known as BOSFISH by the young people down on the streets (innit?) They used to run a large advert in the Angling Times, the biggest weekly fishing paper at one time, may still be. We would save our money when we were kids (and older) and when we had enough we would come into Sheffield to make our purchases and drool over the tackle we could not afford. 19 stone in fishnets, I'm going to have nightmares :o
  10. Managed to get these pics with my old camera,These two kindly donated to my grandsons rapidly growing collection by a very good friend W & S Butcher, 1943 L Wilson, also 1943
  11. Still no joy with new camera got old faithfull out and fiddled with my exposure managed to get this pic:- T Turner & co ENCORE . Would estimate year of manufacture aprox 1903!!!!!!! Edit. anyone know why my pics appear so small?
  12. Picked this up at a car boot this weekend, took me back to when I was a lad and first started fishing, Mordex shot dispenser (nearly full) all metal construction, not sure of age but I had one just like it. Also remember being taken to Bennetts when I was young, couldn't believe how big it was, there was nothing that size in Chesterfield then. Ah, nostalgia, it's not like it used to be! I cannot remember any other fishing equipment that was made in Sheffield, anyone out there got any photos or memories they would like to share?
  13. I am not worthy oh great one, please accept the humble gratitude of a mere mortal! Damn but your'e good!!
  14. This has been on another thread, belongs here. Joseph Haywood, without a serrated doodaa. Come into a nice little Thomas Turner of similar design, will post pics when able to, still got probs with camera :(
  15. Found a pic I'd already taken while looking for another image (oh dear, it's that memory thing again) this is the hook on a Taylor Eye Witness, my best guess is they were brought in from a specialist suplier. Any ideas on the marks S K?