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  1. I'm probably too late for my contribution to this topic, but does anyone remember Jewel and Warris? They appeared regularly in Sheffield (I believe Jimmy Jewel was a Sheffielder) at, I think, the Lyceum. My mother took us to see them and I remember distinctly (I'd be about 6, in the early 50s) they had a backdrop of a semi-naked female and Jimmy would wiggle his fingers near her bum, as if tickling her there - my mother was so outraged she said "come on, we're gooin" so I only saw them for about ten minutes of their act!
  2. Many thanks Everybody for your suggestions - my research has been boosted and I will try to keep you informed on this topic when I have more facts to hand.
  3. After searching long and hard, I can find out neither who built (and originally owned) all the back-to-back houses in Sheffield, nor when the Council presumably took them over (for slum clearance) - was it done by compulsory purchase orders? I was born (in the 40's) in Hammond Place, off Hammond Street, off St. Philip's Road in a back-to-back, one up, one down slum (there was an attic but it was unusable because of damp) with a tiny off-shot kitchen. I cannot remember anyone coming to collect the rent - I vaguely remember my Mam taking the rent to the Town Hall?
  4. As a closing message on this topic (there are lots of places, I have found, that give information on workhouses) it seems very unfortunate that most of the records for Fir Vale were destroyed during WWII - I have discovered that my Grandmother was in there in 1911 and actually gave birth to my Uncle the same year but, sadly, I cannot retrieve any records of these events or how and when she managed to leave the workhouse (she lived on Garden Street in 1918 when my Mother was born). :(
  5. Just a piece of information for all those out there that may or may not have had ancestors in the old workhouses - I found out today that the address put on Birth Certificates (and, presumably, Death Certificates) for births in the Sheffield Union Workhouse, Fir Vale (now the Northern General Hospital) was 2, Smilter Lane. So, check all those birth certificates you have for the 'When and where born' box and if it says 2 Smilter Lane then I'm afraid your ancestor was born in the workhouse! :(