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  1. It looks like the game has never been popular in this area. have noticed lots of snooker table sets for sale on ebay and the carpet version.
  2. Lots of the old streets around here have a house of the same name,Pot house, Spink hall etc.There is a Shaw family history web site based in Germany and one of the clan is shown as being born in Shaw house Early in the 1800s.When we bought the house it was said it was built around 1900 but early maps show a house on the plot long before .My theory is the house was rebuilt and for what ever reason the street was renamed the dates seem to match up.The house is called shaw house in the deeds so the orginal house may predate the road.
  3. thats narrowed it down i bit thanks
  4. trying to find out when and why shaw house lane stocksbridge ,changed to shay house lane.
  5. does anyone remember if table bowls was ever played in the sheffield area or here A RichardB Link Fairie assist.
  6. does anyone know what happened to bob hazelwood one time presenter on radio sheffield ,He used to do the folk show on friday nights and organise live events around the sheffied area .the reason i'm asking is i've just found a load of old tapes in the garage i used to tape the show on a friday and play it in my van for the rest of the week-tried google with no results.forgot so say it would have been in the middle to late eighties.
  7. i went to sunday school and the cubs there as a child in the fifties ,it was then known as meersbrook park congregationalist church we were known as the meersbrook congs lot .sad to see the old place looking unloved.anyone know when it became a methodist church ?
  8. HI, my name was Alison Mcloughlin(now Grant) you may remember my older brother David Mcloughlin who was a friend of both Frankie Lemons and Paul Bradley. Paul was often at our house at no. 7 Obourne St. and his father was the park keeper at the playground known locally as The Wembly which was situated at the top of our street.We used to get him really mad by singing a song to him which went Old Bradley sells fish threehapence a dish Dont buy it dont buy it It stinks when you fry it. Then we had to leg it fast as he would come running out of the park keepers hut. I didnt know that both Frankie and Paul (who incidentaly was also a close drinking pal of my husband Mick Grant) had passed on. Sadly my own dear brother is no longer with us. I started at Pye Bank school in1957 and remember the headmaster Mr Cook.I was quite frightened of him as a small child but later found him to be a very kind person and a real gentleman. I remember Mr Jenkinson, I was once sick all over his shoes because he made me drink my bottle of milk, which had been kept on the radiators to stop it from freezing in the winter and I always loathed hot milk. I also remember Miss Marriot who was as they say strict but fair and thanks to her pushing me hard with lessons I managed to scrape through the 11 Plus and ended up at Hinde House. The names I remember of my classmates are Susan Dodson, Judith Clarke, and a special friend was Margaret Walker who came to Pye Bank towards the end of my time there.
  9. my brother inlaw did some decorating there they told him " dont bother about doing a good job its coming down next month"some things never change
  10. As a cost cutting measure some pub builders used the same or simular plans for more than one building. The Red Grouse Stocksbridge, sister The Saxon at Kiveton. The Highway (now Gone), Pitsmoor sister The Signpost, Burngreave. The Cherry Tree, Carterknoll sister The Pen Nook. Deepcar. Any more ?
  11. they were the first band i saw with a sound man at a mixing desk sat in front of the stage,never saw them hump the kit in must have had roadies.the front man was barry xxxxx (memory gone) hair like tommy and what a voice.they did the best cover version of whole lot of love i've heard.the dial house was second home to them always full by 7.members in first of course.
  12. A loop would work in the valley bottom to service the propossed new development at stocksbridge , if it ever gets the green light and a major housing scheme at deepcar.The investment would be fantasic for the whole area.