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  1. Another snippet I have just remembered, there is a “track” leading up from Edward Street to the back of Belmont House which was, and still is as far as I know, known as Doctors Drive.
  2. Belmont House is on Belmont drive off Victoria Road Stocksbridge. Victoria Road was also known as "The Low Road" and was where the Horse drawn Hearse had to go to get to Bolsterstone as Shay House lane was too steep. In the 50’s it was used as the Doctors Surgery before it moved down to the Cinema Building. Fox’s took it over as a training Establishment and now it has been turned into a Care Home.
  3. Miss Clara Brooks (Wife Of Arthur Stanley, She Died In Chilbirth) This might be the parents of Thomas Brooke Stanley; he had relations at Sheephouse Farm Midhope (Mr Mrs Darwen)and a grandfather at Hunshelf Hall. I see you have a Crawshaw at Langley Brook, that could be at the top end of Stocksbridge.
  4. Reading other documents, the troop had a rather rocky start, almost closing a number of times. After Brooke Stanley left for Australia their HQ at Langley Brook became un-usable and while they were looking for another place the numbers fell. They moved to the other end of the village to another HQ in 1915 /16 and I guess that is when they lost the name of Langley Brook Scouts. Also at this time the Scout Leader had been turned down on medical grounds to join the army and had moved out of the District to work on a farm to improve his health. Shortly afterwards another leader came forward and the scouts started building up again. Once again in 1924 all the scout groups in the Stocksbridge were on the verge of going under, and they amalgamated under one banner. The only thing that mystifies me is the change of the Necker, the list shows Navy Blue & Yellow and yet in 1931 when the 1st Stocksbridge was reformed by Jimmy Horton and others, there is a definite reference to them wearing the “Blue and Black”.
  5. During the late 50's and early 60's all the works loco's were mothballed there.
  6. Sorry the attachment did not work the first time!
  7. Well the info I have is attached and which was written in 1925 and also some other info written and checked by Brook Stanley in 1951. Everything I have seen says the necker was Royal Blue with a black edge. DaveW
  8. The pub was known as the "Wrag" when I was growing up, this was probably to stop it being confused with the Miners Welfare Hall in Stocksbridge. The field opposite was known as the Wrag Field. Dave.
  9. From the November minutes of Stocksbridge Town Council. 162. Red Telephone Boxes The Clerk reported that she had received correspondence from Paul Gordon requesting the Town Council’s views on the removal of telephone services from some red telephone boxes within the area. The Clerk was requested to write advising that the Town Council wished to retain the facility at Walders Lane, Bolsterstone in view of the high volume of calls made.
  10. Facilities in Deepcar and Stocksbridge past and present Top of Vaunton Hill Deepcar - Closed no longer there - Unisex thingy close by. Bottom of Clock Tower steps - Closed no longer there. In the old car park oposite the Coach and Horses - Closed no longer there. Unisex thingy on Manchester Road. Manchester road outside Victory Club - Still Open. Corner of Unsliven Road and Manchester Road - Closed no longer there. Moorland Drive next to Inman Pavilion - Closed no longer there. Bolsterstone on Stone Moor Road - Still open. That is it of the top of my head. Dave
  11. Manchester Road at bottom of Carr Road Now a Chinese Takeaway Half Way up Ash Lane Deepcar. Manchester Road opposite Cinema Building - Still there Johnson Street Opposite top gate close to Hawthorne Ave Victroria Road - Still there Coal Pit Lane - Still there Stubbin Estate – Still there Garden Village – Now a Chinese Takeaway :rolleyes:
  12. These are the last two photos left to right Corner of Kenworthy Road and Gleeblands Road Stocksbridge Vaunton Hill and Manchester Road Deepcar
  13. There are two more. top of Vaunton Hill and Manchester Road Deepcar Corner of Kenworthy Road and Gleeblands Road Stocksbridge
  14. I hope you spotted the mistake! Top left Bolsterstone Right Car Road between St Margaret and Coultas Ave Mid Left Manchester Road above The Venue near Park Drive Mid Right Victoria Road / Shay House Lane Bot left Stubbin Roundabout. Bot Right Manchester Road again. Attached Garden Village at botton of East and West Cresent.