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  1. Thank you for responding. How would I get in touch with Sheffield History members who have previously commented on similar threads in the past (e.g. Henry Pond; and Cool Hand Sax?
  2. Fabulous thanks Edmund. I’m pretty sure that’s the programme I’m interested in and trying to track down. I’m sure Hurlfield school where I attended was filmed in ‘74 which would fit with this broadcast date. I know Rowlinson school were also filmed - I have no recollection of the other schools which were involved?
  3. This has cropped up before; however I would like to hear from people who were at one of the 3 or 4 schools in 1974 (pupils or staff) that BBC Panorama used in a TV programme - which I believe(?) was titled: “Panorama goes comprehensive”; or anyone who has a copy of the programme (in full or part). I have made an archive request to the BBC to see if it was archived. I know clips have been used since in programmes like - “The 70s” and more recently “Back in time for school” (both BBC programmes). Any help; recollection or memory would be gratefully received.