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  1. I got my first recorder, an Adler wooden descant, from there in 1965. It cost Β£1-0-3 which was a fair price for my parents in those days. I still have it, complete with price written on the bottom of the case.
  2. From 1955-1959 my family (I arrived in 1956) lived in Meresbrook Park Road. One of Dad's churches was Heeley Bottom so it is interesting seeing at that time.
  3. In the 1960s we just paddled in the river. A great dare was walking up the concrete weir, if there was much water coming down you had to use the correct side or you were washed back down.
  4. Journalism doesn't improve! She's playing a cornet with the headline "Began to play trumpet for health's sake". OK, trumpet and cornet are similar but it's a bit like mixing up the piano and church organ.
  5. As a newcomer to the forum I've only just seen this thread. Earlier SteveHB (19 March 2014) queried why some drains had "TRAFFIC ->" cast on them. It really did mean to align them in the direction of the vehicular traffic. The way narrow wheels rolled over a series of narrow slots and didn't go down the gaps. Not an issue with modern cars, but I well remember the infamous Royds type covers around Millhouses. If you didn't spot them in time on your bike the front wheel went down and stopped dead. The result was always scabbed knees and elbows!
  6. Thanks all. This thread https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16959-can-you-name-this-place/?tab=comments#comment-144664 brings back old memories, as does the reference elsewhere to the roof being painted black with stars. Part way around a pub crawl it was a bit surrealistic and it took a while to determine that that roof was actually a roof.🍺😊
  7. I have a memory of visiting a nightclub or a pub during a university run pub crawl in 1974. The place was unusual in that it had a covered courtyard with mock shopfronts. I must confess that I don't remember much more apart from one of our number managing to get served by virtue of having a driving licence and a Student Union card, though he was actually 17 1/2 at the time!πŸ˜„
  8. On the Kent History Forum (where I'm in exile) there is a report of children being evacuated to Sheffield. See this thread.
  9. I'm pretty certain that you didn't have to pay for the basic entry: "14 Boller Miss Florence". I think even the trade of the householder was carried free: "12 Howarth Japh. boilerman". Where you did have to pay was for any sort of display or advertising, just as with the phone book. Each volume could cost up to 30/- in 1905, which is a heck of a lot of money in today's terms. See http://specialcollections.le.ac.uk/digital/collection/p16445coll4/id/275074/rec/52 for en example.
  10. I wonder what happened to all those cards. It would be a major GDPR headache today, but in due course would be a fascinating social history resource.
  11. I was born in Sheffield in the 1950s. Thae family home was opposite Meresbrook Park. In 1959 my family moved south to the Black Country. We moved back to Millhouses between 1965 and 1971 but then moved up north to Middlesbrough and then on to Whitley Bay. I came south looking for a job in the 1980s and having acquired a wife, house and two kids am stuck here in exile. Even after all these years I still regard myself as a Yorkshireman, though with a bit of affection for Tyneside.