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  1. My wife Patricia remembers Blanchards very well in her younger days, as her Mother worked there in the men's department. Blanchards a very posh shop selling everything as John Lewis is today.Today it stands where the Pine shop is, before then it was Slater Ward's.What she remembers is the men's department, if you go into the shop now, the staircasewhich is still there, the men's department was to the right & on the ground floor, one side sold gloves hats socks, other sold trousers& jackets coats.The displays were made up of polished dark wood with glass fronts,also the cash tube system used to frighten her as she was only a very small child, the polished brass used to hiss like a snake and she always thought it would suck her in!!.The sales assistants never handled cash so to speak, they placed the receipt and cheques or cash or if posh you had an account with Blanchards into the polished torpedo which opened at each end with rubber stoppers on. Placed it into the tube off it went to a upstairs office where the clerical staff sat on high chairs with ledgers in front of them entering all the sales. While the money was being sorted, the assistant would parcel up the goods, Then with a hiss it ame back and shot out and landed into a wicker basket. The staff were very smartly dressed in black. No jewelery was to be worn except a wedding ring. All staff were called by there maiden name as my mother was Mrs Witt, she was called Miss Jackson. The head of the department was a man call Mr Hammerton. Also a Miss Dixon worked in the mens department with my Mother, she lived on Ben Lane her claim to fame was that her Brother was Reginald Dixon of Blackpool tower fame. Miss Pryor was in charge of the ladies underwear she was a corsetier a big posh speaking lady who wore bright red lip stick, with a hour glass figure. she always had the best corsetts to show off her figure.Another thing my wife remembers about Miss Pryor was when she wanted her fist bra, Miss Pryor found one for her, as she was so small they did not usually have her size in stock.( Memories ). Also she went to see her Mother she went on the Tram from Hillsbrough, getting off at St Phillips church. Which has be demolished to make way for the new Super Tram system. PATRICIA WARD nee WITT