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  1. My Uncle Tom Dickens had the Park Hotel at the top of Leppings Lane in the sixties .
  2. I remember going to watch Wednesday away at Bristol when we were banned , we went on the home end and i remember getting surrounded by Bristol fans when we scored and a few random kicks were aimed our way , The steward let us through to the side terrace after that and we were ok .
  3. Yes i have heard it was a bit fiesty , We were in Tavira in October and the day before we arrived it absolutly wacked it down but we had 4 nice days and enjoyed it very much , it was the first time i had been over that way usually we are in the Lagos area .
  4. Ah Rutland very nice part of the country , good to hear that your family are doing well , i married a girl from Stannington (2nd wife) and we lived up there for a short time on Oldfield rd her Mum still lives over there but we prefer this end of town . My brother is also over here ( Roy ) don't know if you remember him but he married (2nd) Ruth the daughter of the vicar at the Vestry i think it may have been after Father Bryan , I am going to tell him about this site , he will love it .
  5. Clothes shop for the trendies . Owned By Rex Caplan Managed by Tony Smith .
  6. No worries mate . hows the weather at the moment ? i have heard you had quite a downpour just before Xmas .
  7. Havnt seen John for years now, used to bump into Dave and Allan at the Wednesday games but have not seen them for a while . Where are you now ? I live in the Dronfield area have done for over 20 years now , I sometimes drive down Crookesmoor rd on the way to the game , i know some people are still living in the same houses as when i left .
  8. Hi tsavo Thanks for clearing that up glad i am not cracking up already but i remember watching the film don't remember which one and i was near the front "as you do as a kid and i heard this rumbling from the back which i thought was part of the film, then the lights went up and we were evacuated , i remember walking through reception and seeing one chap with blood coming from his head and a few others with injuries .
  9. Hey Mark How you doing ? Some names there i remember well . Alan Garton and John Taylor especially , used to spend a lot of time round at Allan and Daves also played football and crickett with John Taylor as well as sinking the odd pint of Stones in the white Rails .
  10. Never went in at night but on Sundays after we had finnished playing Football in Longley Park around 1976 ish . That Magnet bitter were a bit strong .
  11. Anyone remember Pond Stret Nora ? If you ever saw her you will remember .
  12. This is a picture of The City of Sheffield under 11 football team taken in 1967 all the players were picked from different schools in Sheffield , Not sure where the picture was taken . The only names i remember were Gary Parker front row far left and Pete Jordan who was stood to the left of the Ugly Goalkeeper Also i think back row third from the right was Steve Charles .
  13. Used to catch the 95 bus there from Walkley when we wee kids .