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  1. My dad was passenger to Bill Beevers in late ‘50s to early ‘’60s on a BMW sidecar outfit. They finished 5th in Czech GP at Brno in 1960. After Bill retired, he and his wife Lilly moved to the Isle of Man and ran a guest house in Port Erin. It’s still run today by his Niece and her husband.
  2. George and Annie Moore retired in 1966 (my grandparents).
  3. Great photograph. Never seen this before. My grandfather was part of the same Lodge, and is sat front right in the photo. George Moore (unsure if he was related to your Grandad?). My grandfather on my mothers side (Beryl Moore) was the landlord at The Grapes on Gower Street from the 1930s until retirement in 1966 (which ironically is also mentioned in this thread). Do you have any other related info’ or photos?