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  1. Hi, my 4x, 3x and 2x great grandfathers created and owned Joseph Tomlinson & Sons Ltd and they used Austin FX4 cars for use as their taxis.
  2. Hi, my 4x great grandfather was Joseph Tomlinson(1) who established the well known Sheffield business by the name of Joseph Tomlinson & Sons Ltd. It was passed down to his sons, John and Joseph Tomlinson(2) and then it was handed down to Joseph Tomlinson’s(2) son Joseph Godfrey Knight Tomlinson, who died in 1958. We're not too sure what happened to the business or all of the horse drawn carriages they owned, as there aren’t really any references to them, so I’d be grateful if anybody has anymore information such as what it did during WW2, as it changed its purpose during the war, or if anyone can remember seeing the business when it was still going. Thanks, Gabriel