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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had considered that making grave markers was probably not a priority in 1941, and so perhaps it never existed.
  2. Hello, My have found that my grandfather and great grandfather were both buried in Tinsley Park Cemetery. I visited earlier this year to take a look (I live in the USA) having found the location numbers of their plots and detailed maps of the cemetery plots. My grandfather’s headstone, from his death in 1941 is missing, as are a lot of stones in that area of the cemetery. However, the headstone for my greatgrandparents who passed away earlier in 1928 and 1931 is there. On my greatgrandparents grave there is also a stone commemorating my grandfather and his siblings that died in the First World War, and must have been placed there between grandfathers death in 1941 and the death of the next sibling in 1957. As my grandfather clearly was buried in his own plot, it’s odd that this new stone was created and placed on my greatgrandfathers plot. My guess is that an area of the cemetery was hit by a bomb during the war, and that relatives then added the new stone of he and his siblings to their parents plot. Does anyone have any information about war damage to Tinsley ? Thankyou, Andrew