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  1. Alfred Mccarthy

    Alfred is my 2nd Great Uncle. His parents, Michael McCarthy and Ellen Marie Nixon are my great great grandparents. Alfred was living at 55 Hallyburton Road in 1966 when he died. Yes, he died at Bramall Lane. United were playing Newcastle United one Tuesday evening. United won 1-0 with a penalty. He was a rum character, bit like his father. Kevin
  2. Guant Yard Darnall

    I have a relative living in Gaunt Yard Darnall in 1851. Googled it but nothing. Does anybody have any information please? Kevin
  3. Photo Of Redgates !

    When I was a kid, Regates was around the corner on The Moor. They had a fantastic train set layout downstairs
  4. Tinsley Park Cemetery Lookups?

    I have used Genes Reunited and found out that many of my relatives are buried at Tinsley Park and Darnall Cemeteries. Is there a source of info I could buy with the reference material? I am after the plot numbers so I can pay them a visit and pay my respects. William Page Buried Tinsley Park 1 Dec 1903 aged 51 John Page Buried Tinsley Park 20 May 1920 aged 38 Frederick Page Buried Tinsley Park 18 Mar 1922 aged 23 James Stones Buried Tinsley Park 22 Sep 1851 aged 0 George Stones Buried Darnall 30 Nov 1881 aged 4 Janet Elliott Buried Fulwood Christ Church 8 Jan 1900 aged 23 Grateful for any help or direction .... Kevin
  5. Coates Houses Greenland

    And yet another clue in my search for Coates Houses, Greenland. The census taker was on Broughton Lane and took the names of the cottages at the Canal Side. He then went on to Greenland, and you have to remember this is 1861 and its open fields and farms. He includes Barbers Farm then Coates Houses, Hinches Houses and Hodkins House in Pottery Lane If I could find the Pottery Lane I may be able to locate Coates Houses Keep trying .... Kevin
  6. New Towns For Old - Filmed In Sheffield

    You can also watch it on You Tube http://youtu.be/BWg0JTZf3HE Kevin
  7. Coates Houses Greenland

    Canal Cottages was also mentioned in the census for Greenland. This is in the early stages of his walk. picturesheffield t00514
  8. Coates Houses Greenland

    Here's another photo of cottages on Darnall Road. They were demolished in 1932 picturesheffield s14837
  9. Coates Houses Greenland

    I came across this photo in picture sheffield and it adds another clue to where Coates Houses were. I believe that Darnall main Road used to be called Worksop Road. Now only the lower part is around the Don Valley Stadium. But, Freedom Houses / Hill was mentioned in 1851 and 1861 census. This is the blurb from the website: Basford Street and rear of Nos 289-299, which front to Darnall Road (this terrace of six houses originally comprised Freedom Hill with Darnall Cottage, of which the gable end can be seen) picturesheffield s14838
  10. Coates Houses Greenland

    I did find it in the end after I had made this topic. Getting too old for this. Put Coates Houses in the search box and it came up with nothing, so I thought I had dreamt up that I had previously asked about this subject. Still cannot find anything out. Your link last time led to a directory that stated that the Coates Houses existed and led you back to where I started, the census. I have just been trying to locate their whereabouts with the clues and see if they are on any old maps Kevin
  11. Coates Houses Greenland

    I have relatives in the 1861 census John Nixon and his wife Emma living at Coates House Greenland.   I have scoured the internet, old maps.com etc but I cannot find any info about these houses   1871 / 1881 John and Emma Nixon are in Huntsmans Houses off Broughton Lane because he had come out of the army and now was a miner. Later these houses were called Butty's Lump.   On the 1861 census the registrar has gone to Freedham Hill (Possibly Freedom as he couldn't spell). There's also Freedom Houses, Tinsley Park Road etc   I can track his steps from High Street which is now Attercliffe Road I assume > Deakins House > Broughton Court Carbrook > Pheasant House > Clifton Road > Providence Place > Broughton Lane > Sorby Street > Broughton Lane > Huntsman's Houses > Canal Side > Broughton Lane > Swing Bridge > Greenland Cottage > Fisherman's Rest Beer House > Tinsley Park Road > Freedom House > Freedom Hill and finally Coates House   If anyone can help then I would be grateful   Kevin
  12. Albert Road?

    Thanks for that. I have a 1903 map of Darnall and it shows it as Bawtry Road. Definitely Bridport from when I was a kid living in Frederick Street. Had a schoolmate in Bridport Road, Kevin Burns who went on to swim for GB in the commonwealth games. Thanks again, I'll upload it to Ancestry Kevin
  13. Coates Houses Greenland

    Looking at page 1 of the 1841 census it appears that the census taker walked up one side of Worksop Road from Attercliffe right to the other end in Darnall at Catcliffe Road and back again. So, it appears that Coates Houses were on Worksop Road at the Attercliffe end of the road. Since 1841 part of Worksop Rd has been renamed Darnall Main Rd Kevin
  14. Albert Road?

    That answers everything as to why he is listed at Albert Road then Bawtry Road and when he died in 1910 as living at Bridport Road. So, he never moved house. Thanks for the reply and your help its much appreciated .... Kevin
  15. Albert Road?

    Looking at the 1881 census I have my great grandfather George Stones and his wife Eliza living at 2 Court 1 Albert Road Attercliffe cum Darnall I 've asked about the whereabouts of Albert Road before and the answer has been in the vicinity of Janson Street and Cardiff Street in Attercliffe But, I have gone back a couple of pages on the census and it brings you down Darnall Main Road to the Sportsman and Albert Inn at the bottom of what is now called Bridport Road. Was Bridport Road once called called Albert Road? I know a lot of street names changed On page 1 of the census for the area he mentions Candow Street and Ardmore and then Albert Road. For some reason he doesn't mention Wilfrid Road which in between Ardmore and Bridport ... just a thought. The census does mention that he covers from Church Street which is now Worksop Road and Shirland Lane which would lead you to the conclusion that Bridport Road may have been called Albert Road at one time and perhaps changed names when the courts were demolished and better housing put on it. The Albert Pub being at the bottom of the road is another clue. Kevin