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  1. He died at the Shrewsbury Hospital, shoemaker aged 87, and was buried at City Road Cemetery on 20 June 1900. Consecrated ground, Grave 17971 section CC.
  2. Hi Lizzie, Without a surname it would be very difficult. Social services should be able to give you some valuable information from which to , at least, make a start. Regards, Doreen
  3. Like Richard, I have also looked for this death registration. Just a thought .....If Isabella died in Ireland (visiting relatives?) and her body was brought back to England to be buried, would the death be registered in Ireland?
  4. Baldy, I think I have the telephone number of a son. I have sent you a personal message (I think!) but if not, please contact me. Regards, Doreen
  5. Glad you've worked that out Dave. Now will you please put that garden shed up or you really will be in the 'Dog House' :rolleyes:
  6. The surname is actually Hitchborne. Dave, ex bus driver, and his wife Barbara, ex clippie, lived at Crookes. He has put numerous photographs of Crookes on the Geograph site for anyone interested in that district. They now live near Spilsby in Lincolnshire, so most of his 'work' is around this area these days. He has a particular passion for churches and railways. A superb photographer for many years (he even did a complete set of wedding photographs for us, from leaving my parents home right through the evening wedding reception 39 years ago!) he's always pleased to hear from anyone interested in his MASSIVE collection. Regards, Doreen
  7. Hi Minnie, I 've managed to find a Gerard R. Nye living in Sheffield 8 and an Ivy B. Nye living in Sheffield 5. Sheffield 5 is the Southey Green area of Sheffield, so this looks promising. I've just been on the telephone to a friend in Sheffield who's looked in the phone book....not listed. Sheffield Star, the main local newspaper, have a contact column. Worth a try? email fiona.firth@sheffieldnewspapers.co.uk Found, and been in contact with a daughter! I am emailing Minnie with phone number and address Regards, Doreen
  8. Hi Minnie, Oh, I how I hope we have the right family. I just love happy endings! I have found some possible contacts on Genes Reunited. I have sent a message to one, who I think is a son of Janice E. born 1957. If she is a daughter of the Ivy B. you are looking for she is probably living in the Doncaster area. Fingers crossed. Regards, Doreen
  9. Minnie, I should have added that there is an Ivy B. Nye age 65+ South Yorkshire on the 2011 electoral roll. Sorry! Regards, Doreen
  10. Hi swerv and Minnie, I won't go into everything I've found (I can send you that later), just what I think is the best lead so far. Another member may have better information. 192.com give some free information re telephone numbers, addresses, electoral rolls, but require a subscription to access all their records, which I don't have. Gerard R.F. Nye birth reg. at Sheffield June 1962. Mother's maiden name was Clark. 2002-2003 electoral roll, South Yorkshire, has Gerard R. Nye and a Lisa Mellon at the same address Marriage at Sheffield June 2004 Gerard R. Foster-Nye and a Lisa Mellon. This is also entered as Gerard R. Nye with same reference number. 2011 electoral roll, South Yorkshire, has a Lisa Foster-Nye and a Gerard Foster at the same address. I really hope this works out for you. Regards, Doreen
  11. Hi swerve, Harry M. Clark's birth was registered in 1936, and Ivy B Clark's in March quarter of 1934 at Sculcoates. The mother's maiden name was Lyon. A marriage at Sculcoates in 1933 between Harry M. Clark and Ivy B. Lyon. There is a marriage of Ivy B Clark in March quarter of 1947 at Hull to a John L. Connell. However, this Ivy's surname is given as either Clark or Lyon, which suggests this could be her second marriage. As the Ivy Beatrice you are wanting to find was born at the end of 1933, this is unlikely to be her marriage. A marriage at Sheffield in June 1954 of Ivy B. Clark and Douglas W. Nye could be the one you are looking for. There appears 5 children from this marriage: Geraldine I. in 1955, Janice E in 1957, Christopher J. in 1958, Gerard R. in 1962 and Sarah Elizabeth in 1968. It is possible to find some of this family from resources such as 192 etc. But first, did Harry and Ivy's mum (also Ivy) marry a John Connell? Regards, Doreen
  12. You are allowed to look at the Electoral Register at the local office....no charge.
  13. Hi David, Apprentices I've come across have always been 'ap' or 'app', so I would say he was a qualified 'Baker'. Regards, Doreen
  14. A death reg. of Jacqueline Tyree in 2003 at Sheffield, born 1935 From 192: Kenneth Tyree age 65+ at Sheffield in the electoral rolls until 2010. Sorry, can't help further as it is a premium result and you need to be registered. Regards, Doreen