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  1. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Iv messaged you
  2. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Ok well I have found a picture of the yemeni man I'm talking about but not sure how to post it on here or even think I should really as it's of a few of them that used to come to my parents house and not sure how their families would feel about that. I never knew he had a mixed race son, but I'm sure he and his wife had about 4 children
  3. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Are you looking for your brother? Or have I got it wrong?
  4. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Gosh I'm not sure as I was quite young at the time he used to come to my mum and dads house. My mum was English and dad Arab, my dad was well known in the Yemeni community as most of them came over together. My sister said she thinks his wife was called Niama? She also thinks he lived in Darnall at some point. Does that ring any bells?
  5. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Do you remember any of his Arab friends?
  6. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Ahh I think he was around my fathers age or a bit younger. My father would have been 85 this year
  7. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Would that son be you?
  8. Sheffield Steel Workers

    I think he had about 4 kids?
  9. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Hi I'm not sure it was so long ago. I think one of his daughters was called Miriam ? I'll ask my sister because I was quite young at the time and she was older.
  10. Sheffield Steel Workers

    I remember him having a son and I think he had daughters also. I don't remember him ever being called Fred by my dad or the others who use to come to our house. We knew him as uncle (like it was in them days out of respect)
  11. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Yes I knew him. He spent a lot of time with my dad out of work. He used to come to our house every Saturday. Was a very funny man
  12. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Hi my dad used to work there and was a Yemeni, his name was Abdul. What was your father-in law called?
  13. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Hi my dad used to work there, he was from Yemen (Aden) his name was Abdul