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  1. Thank you again for all this very interesting information.
  2. Thank you once again Edmund. I'd be interested to locate the whereabouts of the graveyard and what happened to its inhabitants. Will have to pop down there and have a chat.
  3. I live just up the road from the chapel and was curious to find the whereabouts of the graveyard, as I was very mildly concerned that my property may have been built upon it! I was also trying to find out the exact date my house (No 16) was built.
  4. Thank you again Edmund, you're a star. I understand that the chapel on whiteley lane used to have a graveyard, do you by any chance have a map showing that?
  5. Thank you very much Edmund. Can you tell me what year this was published and do you by any chance have the the one after this?
  6. Hi. I'm trying to locate an ordnance survey map of Fulwood particularly Whiteley Lane from the 1920's. Can anyone help please?