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  1. Thanks. I have added a couple more images as requested showing where it is (right next to Phlegm's latest) and a shot of the inscribed block. This sounds interesting. Is your still available to read at all (online etc)? Did you confirm what was noted in the forum posts above or did you find something different?
  2. Apologies for resurrecting this thread. I came across the inscription on Eyewitness works a few weeks ago and decided to make a rubbing of it. Since there is more interest in Eyewitness works at the moment (with the recent Mausoleum of Giants exhibition) and the buildings upcoming conversion into flats I thought people might appreciate it if I shared the outcome of the rubbing (and an enhanced version of it). In terms of the history of the inscription, I cannot add anything beyond what is discussed in the thread - other then to confirm that my own research hasn't offered any better theory for the inscription origins. I just hope that when they redevelop the block they don't destroy it - since its been on the building for more then a hundred years!