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  1. Hi, I am researching my grandfather - George Edward Huntley - I mentioned him in another post. I know he went to university so I assume he must have gone to a good school in Sheffield at the time. I have tried searching issues of the school magazine for the Sheffield Royal Grammar School as it was back then and his name does not appear. What other schools in Sheffield were there that he may have gone to? His family were reasonably well off so I think could have afforded school fees. I'm hoping to track down which school he attended. Many thanks for any advice!!!
  2. Hi, I bought this book the other day and it is full of great photos of Sheffield from the earliest days of photography. Available in Waterstones, Fargate if anyone is interested.,
  3. Fascinating reading. I had read other articles about the Charfield crash but not these. My grandfather was apparently a ladies' man and I suspect that his failing to give his proper name was for such reasons. I like the fact that in the above article, he is referred to as a young man when he was 46 at the time.
  4. I should add that I'd be very grateful if anyone might have any information to add or comments to make. I only discovered my grandfather's identity last year - but that's another story. He grew up on Dobbin Hill and I found one of his uncle's graves at Ecclesall Parish Church. In order the photos are George Huntley, Louis Huntley (brother), one of George's advertisements in the local press, his sister Clara Johnson (née Huntley), father Kossuth Huntley (named after Lajos Kossuth, the Hungarian nationalist and revolutionary), and finally Mary Jane Padley.
  5. Hi, I have recently moved to Sheffield, and come from Sussex originally however my maternal grandfather came from here, born in 1884. I'm interested in finding out more about his years here. He emigrated to Australia after the 2nd World War and died there in 1981. His name was George Huntley and grew up in Ecclesall. His father Kossuth Huntley worked on the railways. He married a Sheffielder named Mary Jane Padley in 1872. George Huntley rose to rank of Sergeant in WW1 and worked with a motorised ambulance convoy and was in the Somme in 1916/17. They are supposed to have been a well known family in their day but that was a long time ago. I have very few photos of the family but attach some here. George is in uniform pictured around 1915. His brother Louis here appeared in a 1928 article about the Charfield train accident in Gloucestershire in which their sister was killed. The sister who died, Clara Johnson, is also pictured as are their parents Kossuth Huntley and Mary Jane Padley George was a mechanical engineer and worked out of Norfolk Row between the wars where he was an agent for popular makes of cars and lorries of the day. Cheers, Alan Evans