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    The Limit Club Sheffield

    Don't remember Cindy and the New Jets, well, maybe very vaguely....what year are you talking here?
  2. Dropout

    Fargate in Sheffield

    1998! Didn't realise it was as late as that.Thanks for the reply and the information.
  3. Dropout

    Fargate in Sheffield

    Ye Gods. Everything seems to have changed so much over the years!, wherever you look in a City. I can't well recall the Western Jean Company on Fargate, but I do remember jumping about with a mate in that Fargate fountain in the early 80's after a week-end night out and a good few Shandies up West Street. Climbed out, half soaking through, straight into 2 Coppers and a RIGHT Good Rollockin. Soon sobered up! Silly Sod, : ). BTW when was that Fountain at the top of Fargate dismantled, because I think my drunken escapade wouldv'e been in 1982 or 83?
  4. Dropout

    The Limit Club Sheffield

    Went to that one too, Dodger, and it would have been one of my earlier ones as well, since we are v.approx the same age/FPS. Probably more than a few GOOD nights spent, not wasted at all, in that hot and sticky old basement club! Some EXCELLENT music from the DJ's though...and a good few up and coming Punk/New wave groups, local, national and international at the time. Didn't you often used to catch the 75/76 late night bus after, up to Lane Top area?There was usually a small gang of us, Sheff 3, 4 and 5 crew. BTW - I've read most of your Life in the City of Ghosts, blog thingy too. Thanks for the postings. Got a keen stomach for memorabilia/Nostalgia nowadays, at my age! Give my regards to Lango, Vinner, Wilma, et al, if you are in touch with them now.
  5. Dropout

    The Limit nightclub - Sheffield

    I was a regular at the Limit club on West Street, usually Punk and New Wave nights and went, mostly from 1977- 1980/81 ish, probably most nights, Thursday to Sunday, depending who was on and what was on elsewhere, at Top Rank/Roxys or University Bar or Marples,George IV, etc. Didn't SHAM 69 play at the Limit? I know they played the Top Rank, but pretty sure they played the Limit, stage at the far end, back of the club, lots of aggro simmering/kicking off, as usual. Also, Wayne County(and the Electric Chairs) DEFINATELY played there one night, at the old front side stage, just before he/she became, Jayne County. I saw the first B 52 gig, also at the front side stage....and remember loads of others too. If SKIDS played there, they were probably v.good too, wasn't too impressed with the Siouxsie/Banshees set, much better on record than live, I thought. Best ones I can recall at the mo, probably Madness, stage at back end, UK SUBS and Sham 69, all at stage at back end of the club. I think either or both Sham and UK SUBS, messed up/had sound problems, and TOTALLY re-started their set after about 4 or 5 numbers!! Sometimes, if I could get near the main bar... I had a few watery beers in plastic glasses....and had a dance around or two. Visit to the Limit club was never complete for me without hearing, Wire, "I am the Fly"......and later, Papas got a brand new,(PIGBAG). Amazing times, especially the earlier days, a bag of chips from next door after coming out, then always a run down to High Street or Pond Street for the Late bus home! I MAY have photos of the B-52's gig and Wayne County, possibly others too? Just returned to the NOSTALGIA Trip,(which I did around 2008-2015) but am slightly more focused now.
  6. " Dunsby Owl said "Wow I never knew that ! I spent housrs of my life in Revolution in 1977-81 - remember they used to write lists of news records on the wall - used to be a mad rush for the limited editiosn coloured versions or free badges etc. I bought In the City there to though never knew they had been there. Paul Weller looks like a child - which he was ! great days !" Hello OP, I can't remember many of the shops that were on the Gallery originally, I remember a few of the later ones, but MOSTLY, I remember the Revolution Record shop and, like Dunsby Owl, I used to go in there from around 1977 - 1980/81, when did it close? and look at the lists on the wall, buy the latest local and National Punk singles/New Wave and LOADS of the small badges. I remember Pete well enough, a Scottish guy I think? and the blonde girlfriend/wife too, who worked in there. I was a bit of a shy mid to late teen back in those days, so I didn't hang around too long after I'd bought me stuff. Talk about Hindsight and all that stuff, I don't half wish NOW, that I had bought 3 or 4 copies of each single, badge, LP, etc, that I bought, while I had the money,(which I did, as I had a part -time job) and saved them all for future years!!, but, anyway, it was all about the Music and the Punk ideals for me......the SELLING out, came much later and older!!. BTW, I had my own small crowd of friends/mates, but I didn't mix widely, but would've probably known Sheffielder by the Sea & Dunsby Owl, by sight,back then? Thanks for the OP and the sharing.