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  1. Do any of you know where I can find / access maps & old photo circa 1920 related to Boston Street off London rd I was born at no66 and moved when I was 5 1954 a recent search showed my Dads family living at no55 which would have been on the opposite side of the road I guess but I only remember this being TC Harrisons many thanks
  2. just found this post I remember fishing here in the late 50s,early 60s my pal Kenny Luckman and me would catch the 88 bus on Ecclesall rd and we would tap our 2pence on the bus stop and say Bus Bus hurry up. happy days
  3. well done Chris wilder and team, back where we belong
  4. this is one of the problem with social media it lets cowards throw mud from the safety of their computer screens (or exercise their right to freedom of speech which ever way you view it) I cant see Dan walker taking this on with out checking it out first ,Remember Mr Foulds didn't seek any attention it found him, I was honoured to attend the fly past,
  5. Last week spent a very pleasant evening at Staveley Minors Welfare in the presence of Tony Currie and a bloke called Mel Sterland who played for somebody else, went with my forty four year old son (hes a Chesterfield supporter but his mum loves him lol) what a great night, it was a Q&A session and steel city quiz plus comedian, Got to shake the great mans hand also got a signed photo made me feel like a teenager again. Brought back memories of happy days stood on the kop, singing your heart out ,kicking every ball, making every tackle, living the dream.
  6. don't know if this has been covered before, but here goes, can you remember when the green up used to print the football results and on the inside they would do a run down on the local teams and each one would have a picture of the club mascot , there was I guy who used to make them and he would carve them with a pen knife my late Dad though not into football got me one when I was about 8 which ive stll got ,I know the mascot changed now but this is the original Bertie Blade ( it had a ciggy its mouth when first made and the scarf was knitted by my late Mother) Also if my memory serves me right the star had a mobile printing van and you could get a copy on your way home (bet they sold more on a winning day)
  7. Marti was a regular at the transport club at meadow head she used to call her husband fang and one of her party tricks was to lift her frock and shout quick flash
  8. apologies for adding comments to old posts (only recently joined ) shocked to see Knutty on toms shoulders thought he was a Blade,I used to live round corner from him on Montague st sure is sister Tina or Heather went to St mathtias same time as me
  9. There was a shop on London Rd were they hung in the window and their heads were covered by a brown paper and the blood would drip on the counter,quess what I'm having for tea
  10. make every day an adventure you don't know when its your last one
  11. just a quick intro I was born and raised in Sheffield moved to Chesterfield after marring in 74 still got a brother and sister living in sheff would love to hear from anyone who attended Greystones sec Mod school early sixties or who was a member of the 34 Boys Brigade at Cemetery rd congregational church
  12. any members who attended greystones I was there from 1960-1964