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  1. It is the same size as other Joseph Rogers hunting knifes I have seen on the internet. The only difference is it has a wooden handle and they had horn handles. Also I took it to the Antiques Roadshow, the lady who looked at it was trying to find a colleague how was particularly interested in "penknives"but he was not available. We discussed the size of the knife, and she agreed that it was two big for a pen/pocket knife and that it could be a hunting knife.
  2. How do I look after this Joseph Rogers Hunting Knife. It is 5.75" (14.8 cm) long when closed, and 10.75" (27.4 cm) long when opened. I would like to know how to look after the wooden handle and blade?
  3. His knife has been in my family of as long as I can remember. It has Joseph Rodgers on the blade. All the knifes like it on the internet are much shorter. This knife is 272mm (10 3/4 ") in total long. The blade is 125mm(5") long and the handle is 147mm (5 3/4") long. It is much bigger than a pocket knife, what is it? Also how old is it? It seems to be in good condition. Nigel Bundy