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  1. Thanks for posting The Home Craftsman's Catalogue No. 60 - it's a great resource. I've compared the prices on this catalogue with the prices in my copy of the main Price List for Record Tools applicable to Catalogue No. 16 dated 19 Jan 1959. All the prices that appear on both are the exactly the same. There are a few items listed in the "Catalogue 60" that were not in the main price list: swivel bases for vices & the 12" Stillson pipe wrench. (As you'd expect, the main price list is more comprehensive and lists many more tools than those shown in the Home Craftsman's Catalogue.) The fact the prices are the same on the main price list and this catalogue seems a pretty good indication that "Catalogue 60" was published on or after 19 Jan 1959. That vice swivel bases had been reintroduced and a new 12" Stillson had been added in "Catalogue 60" suggests that it was published some time after the 19 Jan 1959 main price list - if the products had been available or due for imminent release in Jan 1959, you'd expect they would have been listed on the main price list. The numbering of the Home Craftsman's Catalogue No 60 appears to be unrelated to the numbering of the main Record tools catalogues. The "No 60" must have come from somewhere - I agree with RichardB's suggestion that this could be 1960. Perhaps like the dating of many products, the The Home Craftsman's Catalogue No. 60 was published in the preceding year, during 1959 in time for Christmas?