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  1. Ahh, now I get it.  That makes sense.  I hadn't realised there was a Granville Lane as well.  I only knew of Granville Road & Street.  Now I'm wondering if the building by the bus stop, in the last photo, is the sweet factory?  If so, it stood alone in the 70s, no trees, or just saplings at most.

    We often fail to realise how much trees change a view over the years.  I had a hole-in-one on the 11th at Doncaster (Bessecarr) GC, in 1997, right alongside the M18.  For several years after, you could see the top of the flagstick on the green from the motorway.  Now you can't even see the tee, which is 100 feet higher.  In just 20 years!

  2. Yes thanks.  I knew Granville Street was now the tram route, I was never sure if it was still also a road for vehicles.

    I thought I remembered the steps down from the bridge at the station/Suffolk Road end, leading down to the street in a very wide single flight, in alignment with the bridge.  The steps were definitely of wood.  I can't remember them being staggered in two flights, at a right-angle to the bridge.  But there doesn't seem to be enough room for a flight of steps that long, between the bridge and the road.

    I can't get my bearings on that last photo of Turners Hill.  I assume we are looking down Granville Street, towards City Road/Flat Street, with Turners Hill to the right, and the railway lines behind the houses on the left?

  3. Yes, I remember the sweet factory too.  I never went in but lots of kids from my school would go down at lunchtime, and you would be hearing the rustle of sweet bags all afternoon in lessons.  I'm pretty sure they only made boiled sweets.  I was more a Maynard's Wine Gums boy.

    The building stood all alone in the 70s, clinging onto the hillside grim and imposing, like the "local shop" in League of Gentlemen.

    I'm not sure if there were any pedestrian steps at the top of Turners Hill, leading up to Shrewsbury Road back then.  I only remember the stone faced embankment at the top.

    So is Granville street no longer open to traffic?  I vaguely remember you could get through to City Road at the far end, by twisting through a more built-up area.

    Is the iron bridge still open to pedestrians?  It's not clear on the photo of the far end.  It might have a locked steel gate at the top of the steps.