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  1. Sorry , no I cant remember that shop , my memories of Derbyshire Lane are a tad sketchy these days, its the memories of Meersbrook and Heeley that are the most clear in my foggy mind !
  2. Thanks so much , these are interesting ! What a shame that we only get really into our past when all those who could help us are long gone !
  3. Lovely memories , thank you .I can remember also being dragged up and down Kent Road to visit relatives , blinkin steep it was too ! One rather macabre memory was my Nanan taking me to her brothers house , Uncle Sid , only he was dead and laid out in the kitchen ! I think I was about five years old at the time and couldn't really understand why he was laid there looking so still , thinking it was a game !
  4. Harold Knight Styring was my great Uncle too , my paternal Grandfathers brother ! My late Father was Henry Styring . On my Mothers side , my maternal Nanan was an Ellis before she married my Maternal granddad who was a Wildgoose .
  5. Thank you so much ! Yes, the corner shop at the junction of Brooklyn and my grandparents house just along ,one of a terrace with a passage running down the middle of the terrace to give access to the backs . So many memories , especially the sad day that they had to leave when demolition was due, they were moved to a bungalow on Cambridge Rd , off Kent Road, but life wasn't the same for them, they were in early 90`s when they left Albert Road in , I think 1982 ish . Thank you again .
  6. Hello , I`m Kate , thanks for letting me join . Although I have lived in Cornwall for many years , I was born in Sheffield ( Derbyshire Lane ) and spent my youth in and around the city . I have particularly fond memories of the area around Meersbrook and Albert Road where my beloved grandparents lived , I spent a lot of time with them at number 178 , long demolished for some flats . I have old photos of their garden overlooking the Meersbrook and on up to the park , but sadly no one in the family has any photos of the front of the terrace on Albert Road . I would dearly love to visit Sheffield again but my husbands health is not good so I content myself with memories !