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  1. A correction for the records and for anyone else interested in this post. Mr and the Hon, Mrs Douglas Vickers of London and Tulloch Castle Dingwall Scotland had 3 sons, Oliver, Angus and Sholto. Their only daughter died in infancy. Miss May Vickers was related to the family in a different capacity and was not their daughter.
  2. Edmund, A quick update. I’ve ordered the book but since found out that Sholto’s mother-in -law was Lubov Vladimirovna Galitzine mother of Princess Olga Galitzine. I’m not sure if the author of the book is a relative although it will still make for interesting reading and I’m pleased to have bought it.
  3. Edmund, I’ve just read your reply and I am now rushing to order this book. I’m not too concerned about the possibility it may not contain any reference to her daughters marriage and subsequent divorce to Sholto. The fact is there is a connection to Sholto via his mother in law which makes me feel I want to read the book if only to find out who he was associated with at the time. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your response. I am aware there may come a time when my assertions regarding Sholto are wrong,although there are far too many facts surrounding this mystery which suggest I’ve uncovered a huge gap in my family tree.
  4. Edmund, Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. During my research I did actually find the articles and photographs you have kindly shared. It always gives me goosebumps when I see them,especially the elderly lady with the feathers in her hat. She is the absolute double of my father. The main interest is regarding the youngest son of this lady known as Sholto Vickers who married and divorced the Russian Princess, again to the right of this particular photo. I believe there was a lot of secrecy at the time of his demise and all evidence of his existence appears to be deleted along with his son Alexander who remained in the North of Scotland relatively unknown apart from a childhood portrait. I found a portrait of Sholto at age 21 which was virtually impossible to find in contrast to his brothers Oliver and Angus who maintained a high profile within the family until their demise with portraits readily available to see online. Sholto died after travelling to Girande France at the end of 1939. He was never in the military unlike the rest of his family nor despite an excellent education did he ever have an occupation recorded. There is an extremely fascinating story behind the existence of Sholto Vickers and although I’ve uncovered a lot of details I’d be fascinated to find out more.
  5. I would love to find information regarding the possibility of existing descendants from the Vickers family from Sheffield who started the steel industry and armaments business. After much research I’ve uncovered my family on my Scottish fathers side is highly likely to be closely related to this branch of Vickers who once owned Tulloch castle in Dingwall Scotland. Any information would be gratefully received. Having completed my research I have all I need regarding the Vickers family history and portraits etc to be more or less certain,although understandably I would never profess to being 100% certain. My findings are based on strength of facts and stories going around at the time of my fathers birth,along with a very strong family resemblance. The other names of interest in this family line are Chetwynd and Davidson from the aforementioned Tulloch Castle. I would like to stress this is absolutely out of curiosity only. I am sure anyone in my families position who have a missing link in their family tree,then suspect they have found it,would do their utmost to at least try and solve it. My son is a Doctor and my nephew is a London lawyer,both with a special interest in this possibility. All my extended family,who I believe descended from this line are in vocational careers such as medicine, law, teaching,accountancy and engineering,also business and sales. We have politicians,writers, poets,musicians and artists too,so genuinely quite a talented bunch. If it turns out to be not the case regarding my strong suspicion then we can move forward from this idea and seek elsewhere,although until there is evidence to the contrary this is definitely what we now believe. Thank you in advance.