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  1. THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !! I am amazed !!! You found the club and also TWO of my ancestors W Dyson and J Morley !!!! No wonder my grandmother saved the photos !!! I have no idea how you have done this SO much information, can't wait to show my dad !! and have a good read . Thanks to everyone, I knew this would be the place to find the answer !!
  2. Yes thats true they do look well turned out ! Thanks for finding the shirt I have been looking for days ! I thought from the start it could be Woodburn Road FC as both sides of my family were from Attercliffe can't find any photos of the them .
  3. Oh Brilliant !! Thank you very much indeed for your help! My dad is nearly 80 , the photos were his mothers/fathers and he would really love to know who the football team are. It was the first time he had seen the photos the other day as they were hidden inside an envelope, he didn't know they were there.
  4. Thank you for your reply, I knew it would be a long shot. I will look into the siblings see to if any played football. Maybe someone out there has the same photos and knows who they are, or someone may recognize an ancestor. Thanks again
  5. The Photos belonged to my grandmother or grandfather both born in 1903 . My grandfather isn't in the photos as my dad would recognize him. Their surname is Morris, the other surnames in the direct family are Morley, Dyson. Thanks
  6. Thank you for your reply, My Grandmother was from Attercliffe as were all the family, Rippon Street, Bowen street, Clune street and nearly every other street !! most worked in the steel works. I did wonder if it was Woodburn Road football club ( If they had one) I can't find anything. The photos were found safely stored in an old white envelope. I think there must be an ancestor in them.The goal keeper seems to be same in all photos although it's hard to see in the oldest photo. Thank you once again
  7. We found these photos in my grandmothers old photos whilst researching the family tree. The first one is 1920-1 the others are earlier . We have no idea which football team it is (they seem very well dressed for a pub team in those days) or who the people in the photo are. Any help would be very much appreciated Thank you Tania