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  1. thankyou so much this is really useful in helping me build a picture of his early days in england i have no photos of him in his younger days so could not say for sure if he is in photo but it really gives me an idea of his working life and the area he came to because of this I am now researching coke ovens in Italy as there were some and this could open up new areas for me as his surname is quite popular in this area so thankyou so much for all your help regards linda
  2. Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge it is much appreciated i looked at the 1901 census for Allen road plus the three addresses on that road he is assosiated with and all the men were miners I think the word hewers or the like came up a lot but I could not see any other coke oven workers I thought at first this may have been down to his poor English ( his English was still very broken in 1959 ) but he states coke ovens again on his child’s birth certificate a year later . thankyou linda
  3. Hi I am researching the life of my great grandad Edoardo Ruggia (mis spelt Eduardo Ruggea on marriage certificate ) he came from Italy circa 1907 and went to live in beighton which at the time was derbyshire on his marriage certificate he is living with a mr Carlin at Allen road on his marriage certificate 1908 and first child’s birth certificate 1909 he is working as a lobourer on the coke ovens and I was wondering if any body would have a clue as to which colliery he may have worked at he left beighton in about 1910 to live with other Italian relatives in Ashton under lyne We only have very patchy history for him and I am trying to piece together his life he did not appear to be living with or working with other Italians in these early years any information would be really welcome thankyou linda