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  1. Julie Howard

    Self employed in the sixties?

    Great to hear from you. Early 70's is perfect. My cousin Ian Morton set up a business making trailers in Killamarsh or Halfway I think but I was a teenager at the time and I wasn't interested. I would love to hear some of your stories about setting up ... good and bad.Would you be interested in having a chat? I live in Australia now, but would be more than happy to give you a call. Cheers Julie
  2. Julie Howard

    The Pipe Family

    Does anyone remember the 'Pipe" family who lived at Gleadless? Charmian was my childhood friend at St Theresa's Primary School on the Manor. She had several sisters and one brother. I remember Bernadette etc. Charmian went to Brincliffe Art School. I live in Australia now and would love to catch up next time I'm over in the UK. Cheers Julie
  3. Hey I'd love to talk to you. My second novel is set in Sheffield and one of the main characters left the steel works to set up a business making trailers. I'm finding it difficult to find anyone who set up a business who can tell me about the trials and tribulations (and funny stories) of those times. What was it like to work on your own? Love to hear from you. Cheers Julie