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  1. Its a long time since this enquiry was made but if anyone is still interested in Deep pits I can tell you that Deep pits Farm, which was tenanted by my Great great Grandad - Walter "farmer" Bell, was located where the KFC drive through is now situated on City Road, The farm ruins were still visible when I used to go to town on the 95 bus in my youth! The farm was part of a compulsory purchase order in the 30's to make way for the Arbourthorne estate. The 1st the of red brick terraces opposite the drive through was originally a dairy run by his daughter and son-in-law. Supposedly the long gardens behind those terraces all used to have pig stys at the top!. I have been trying to find the WW1 memorial to those who came from Deep pits which would have 10 names on it including 2 of Farmer Bells Sons. It was originally placed outside Deep pits Methodist Church and institute which was situated opposite the top end of city Road Cemetery, not far from Spring lane. That's probably where the petrol station is now. I wonder what happend to the memorial stone?