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  1. Yer thats me on the left ...as i reach my 53rd year on sat i think this photo must be all but 50 years old i guess i am 3-4 on this pic.... oh happy days ...if only i could remember them ...ps....i still walk about barefooted !!!
  2. Thanks for finding it Richard ...hubby says i look like i am in a right sulk ...i think i look thoughful . Zoro
  3. Just read a little about this Tower and adjoining Library. English heritage described Arts Tower as " City's finest post war building and said to be the tallest university building in the contry " Library built 1959 and Art Tower 1962-6 conected at mezzanine level by bridge. Library clad in Portland stone on a brick base with turquoise tint glass. built to cater for 2,000 students and cost £5000,000 or £5 per foot . Most striking feature in library is a silk embroidery , high up on wall depicting students at graduation. AT TIME OF BOOK 1998 :- art Tower was tallest building in Sheffield 255ft above ground in 18 storeys and 27ft in the basement underground. Lift ia a continuously moving paternoster lift ...with open fronts . just thought i'd share that ....zoro
  4. confirming Richard B's options ...but then i would as his sister ... I used to take both my boys now 30 + 24 up onto the top of childrens hospital when they were little where they had a playroom / creche ...as a Childcare worker i always check out play space so i can pinch a few ideas .....The roof area was covered with tough netting a bit like tennis courts and the children would go out there on bikes etc ...mine loved it and it always made a difficult visit to the hospital a nice experience as well. Re 2nd its the MEGA nursery a community non for profit nursery based in the MEGA centre on Bernard Road the huge old factory just before the bridge .also has soft play area / cafe/ conference suite/ youth space and much more ofsted report Mega Nursery is a community nursery, which opened in January 2003. It Is accommodated in The Mega Centre, which is a large community centre linked to the Hope City Church, in the east side of Sheffield. The building is a refurbished disused factory There is a secure outdoor roof play space. Zoro
  5. Opps that should have been Wedding party ...only just got the gardening bug ...sorry ;)
  6. Cannot belief i had my after weeding reception ....disco for All those extra friend i could not get into my reception ..upstairs at The Castle .My local as i lived on Dykes Hall Road ...but i am going back to 1973 Zoro
  7. Hi new to this but i understand ...being a local ....that the nude over the garden wall shots were actualy done in back gardens of Ford street ..with camra sited on Dobbin hill looking down over row of back gardens ...then swiches to Peveril Road as they climb in window as it had staircase / decor they wanted ...i belief ..(to be confirmed ) that the back gardens were not suitable at Peveril Road...but i stand to be corrected . Also just a bit of info ... Burton Street Old school was used for film ...they thought they were going to get a paint job done for them ...but to cut costs ....the main Hall was painted to different colours to shoot 2 parts of film .1/2 the hall for the dancing scean ...the other for the heart to heart in classroom ...i believe ..i ...it was literaly split in half and camra would be in middle of hall just showing which bit they wanted ... actualy went to a meeting there and was told ...very bizar Zoro