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  1. Hi I also come from a large family of Ellis’s and Elliott’s from around that area, including several Frank’s and Walter’s. I will double check my tree later and let you know if we are connected Sharon Ellis
  2. Hi I have only just come across this. I’m fairly sure that Harry & Henry Ellis are relatives of mine. The Ellis family is prolific, so it will take me some time to figure out which branch they are on in the family tree. My dad, Leslie Ellis, also went to this school in the 1930’s and I worked there in an office on Oxford Road side in 1995-98. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks. This might be the Ian Drayton I know who is from Warwickshire originally.
  4. Hi There are very few people in Sheffield with the surname Drayton and most of them are part of my family. I wonder if there are any others who I haven’t met yet, who’s family included a number of John’s and William’s. Thanks
  5. Thank you. That makes a lot more sense of where they lived. Much appreciated
  6. As an ex-teacher, I have worked in a number of Board schools. Hunter’s Bar, Malin Bridge, Rivelin and Meersbrrok Bank. I also know of others - Porter Croft (formerly Pomona Street), Ann’s Grove, Sharrow (now old Sharrow), Nether Edge As modern buildings, they are flawed due to high ceilings, leaky guttering and challenging temperature controls! I do love them though. Living history at its finest
  7. As most of my family appear to have lived around what is now Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe, through to the town centre along Solly Street and Townhead Street, I was hoping to find Coalpit Lane near there as I have a branch of my family living there. I know roads ‘disappear’ over time and wondered which map I should look at to see if there ever existed Coalpit Lane in this area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi there, You mentioned that you had some contact details for the History of Sheffield Fire Service website. Do you think you could send them in a message for me please so I contact them? Thanks
  9. I finally found a photograph of my grandfather as a fireman, second from right. Not sure of the dates when he served though
  10. My grandmother used to work at a fish and chip shop on Hill Street. On match days, she used to open up her front room next door as an impromptu dining room for match goers. She made the best fish and chips at home! Unfortunately, because they lived next door, the family could always smell the remains of fresh fish which put my mother off fish for the rest of her life!
  11. Thanks for this. I think you’re right, I’m going to write to them with a copy of his picture from the books. He travelled to Hull and other places throughout the war as well as working on domestic fires in Sheffield. I think I need to go to the pub and ask I if I can snoop round behind the scenes. I just hope it is still there.
  12. The building that housed the old Central Fire Station on Division Street is now Bungalow and Bears Bar. My grandad, Len ‘Darkie’ Drayton, always told me there was a plaque on the wall for him in there and I’ve had this confirmed recently by a much younger ex-firefighter. i wondered if there was anyone else out there who had seen it and possible even had a picture. My grandad is pictured in a number of old Sheffield history books as he was a fireman during WW2. He had a dark complexion and moustache and can easily be spotted. He always had many tales to tell of his adventures which kept us amused for hours. He went on to work for Footprint Tools for many years until his retirement.
  13. Evening I’ve gone back a few generations of the Slattery family using Ancestry and they are now suggesting that the next generation back is a Slater. is it common for such name changes in the 1800’s?
  14. PS - one of the little boys on the front row grew up to be Jackie Bestall, who played professional football for Grimsby Town. Some great stories about him
  15. Hi Peter Ive been looking at Arthur Ellis in my tree, born in 1888 and the connection to the Dolphin. i have no evidence of this as yet, but I think Walter Ellis and his wife Harriet, would have known Charley Brearley who was a local grocer. I think he might have taken on the Dolphin after Walter died and 5 years later it passed to cousin Arthur. He went on to become a wines and spirits merchant and lived to 1963 in the SW of the city. Not sure if this links to your family though