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  1. A while since anyone posted here but Im looking for a grave position for Charlotte Smith Tinsley park burial 13th July 1938 aged 71 . Thanks
  2. My daughter was rummaging through a tin of my late father and came across this. The B&C are obviously Brightside and Carbrook, maybe the BC is bowling club? Anyone? Thanks.
  3. Thanks to both of you. In the 1871 census the head of the family in another part of the Hall is Elizabeth Milner. So it would seem my ancestor lived in part of the working men’s club building rather than the original chapel. Indeed in the census the previous entry is for Lord St. Mystery solved. Thanks again
  4. Many thanks Gordon. My ancestor appeared on the census there in 1871. So before it was converted fully back to a Methodist church it must have had some residential element. I know way back it was a chapel and educational institution. Do you happen to know the full address.
  5. One of my ancestors ended up living in what the census described as “ part of” Attercliffe Hall. It was never a grand family so I can’t imagine it was a Hall in the traditional sense. I found some brief details about in on the internet but information is quite scarce. I know it was a dissenting chapel and working mans college. Does anyone know where it was? Thanks.