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  1. What a lovely write up for him.
  2. Wow thank you very much, I have never been able to find a picture of any of my Lea ancestors so that is great.
  3. Edmund this is so interesting thank you so much.
  4. Thank you for the above info, much appreciated. Can I ask where you saw the info of Cornelius Henry Lea having the house as that is the time I am most interested in. I have found electoral records dated around 1930-34 when he lived there, would be great to read of anymore info.
  5. Hi Does anyone know the history or have any photographs of the house Moscar Heights around 1931-1935.
  6. This is amazing Thankyou so much, I too am a switchboard operator as was he, fascinating where do you find these army records I'd be interested to look up other past relatives. Do you think I will be able to find a photograph of him at Sheffield Archives/Studies library?
  7. Edmund Thank you so much for the info, I was aware that he died after discharge from the army but didn't know why so that's interesting to know, I had not seen the newspaper cutting of his death, and no I haven't got his army records are you able to post them on here or where can I find them please.
  8. In the early 80's I used to go to King Edward swimming baths with friends and always looked forward to the Sun Pat peanuts from the vending machine on the wall in there after a swim.
  9. Hi Everyone I am wanting to find if possible any further info than that I already have and a possible photograph of my 1st cousin 4x removed. His name was Arthur Thomas Lea he was born 1884 in Sheffield and served as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers , Reg no. 295675 I know that he died on the 10th Sept 1918 . I've managed to find one or two records of him online, I know he was buried in the Sheffield General Cemetery and I've seen a photograph of a memorial that was situation in the old Castle House store, does anyone have any idea where that memorial is now? and does anyone know if there are any photographs of Arthur out there what's the best way to go about finding them. many thanks
  10. I had seen the first three pictures before but not the last one taken by Cornelius Lea, that's great to see thanks very much. I wish I could come across some photographs of Cornelius himself but have not been able to find anything so far. Thanks for posting.
  11. Edmund Thanks very much for the above that's brilliant I had only seen the census for 29 Cavendish Street previously, and I hadn't seen the Whites Directory entry before.
  12. Thank you so much, I will try and search these Whites Directories myself.
  13. Tozzin Thankyou so much for the above info, I know for sure that my ancestors were Cornelius, Job Barnabus, Arthur Thomas, and William of Cavandish Street, Stavely Road and Broomspring Lane. Do you mind me asking where you found the info from particularly 1911 as i didn't know that the brothers lived next door to each other, I'd be interested to have a look myself. Many thanks.